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3 Mistakes that Homeowners Make When It Comes to Hurricane Preparedness

hurricane glass windows

The Atlantic hurricane season officially runs from June 1 until November 30 each year. Sadly, these storms wreak havoc across entire nations and can completely upend and destroy all kinds of structures.

Though you can never prevent any damage from occurring to your property if you live in the path of a hurricane, you can at least secure your home by using high-quality hurricane glass windows and high impact doors. If your home was installed with lackluster windows and doors, as soon as strong enough winds are in your area, your entire home is in jeopardy. There are all kinds of mistakes and issues that homeowners often make when it comes to their windows and doors during and leading up to hurricane season. These mistakes should be avoided at all costs in order to keep you, your family, and your home safe, as well as save a few bucks.

Here are some of the most costly and potentially damaging window-related issues that could cause major problems during a hurricane:

  • Not repairing your roof, windows, or doors — Whether or not a storm is on its way to your location, you should still make sure that your home’s roof, as well as all the windows and doors are working properly and aren’t damaged in any way. Leaky roofs, damaged doors, and loose windows are just some of the problems that could bring much more trouble when a hurricane strikes.


  • Installing weak hurricane windows and doors — Hurricane glass windows need to be able to withstand not only extremely high winds, but protect from airborne debris smashing into them as well. Impact glass doors need to be extremely durable, too. If doors and windows are weak, the structural integrity of your home will be in jeopardy.


  • Waiting too long to hurricane-proof your home — A hurricane or major storm can strike at any point, whether meteorologists are aware of it or not. You can’t roll the dice when it comes to home protection so make sure you’re securing your home early on so you are ready for any future storms.

If you want to learn more about the importance of hurricane glass windows and hurricane proof doors, and consult with window manufacturers in Florida, give Engineering Glass Systems a call today and start protecting your home and your family!