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For 30 years, EGS International has been protecting the finest buildings in Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Florida’s coastal areas.

We have created precisely engineered and dynamically designed products meeting or exceeding Florida’s toughest industry building code regulations. In the process, we have earned a reputation for durability and aesthetics that has made EGS International the preferred door and window manufacturers in Florida of high-rise, residential and commercial building owners.

Our line of impact-resistant window and door systems protect and cater a wide variety of structures from condominiums, storefronts and historic buildings to exclusive resorts such as the Four Seasons and The Breakers.


EGS International was established in 1988 to engineer, design and manufacture luxury custom impact door and window wall systems. We’re among the premier manufacturers of impact sliding glass door systems and highly committed to our community. We’ve weathered the worst of storms like David, Irene, Jeanne, Katrina and Wilma with no problems with our door systems and many relieved and satisfied customers.

From Architects to developers to building owners, our customers rely upon EGS International’s customized premium sliding glass door systems and Rampart fixed windows to provide state-of-the-art appeal and safety from the challenging and dramatic Florida ecosystem.


We understand and respect this beautiful and yet challenging ecosystem.
Our products are manufactured to save lives and our systems are crafted in Florida in our 30,000 square-foot-facility utilizing lean, 6 sigma and ISO9001 manufacturing processes to provide door and window systems that last for years and can weather multiple storms.

We build to your exact measurements to ensure a secure fit to your building envelope.

Our products provide an immediate increase in your property value and lower insurance and electricity costs.

We deliver directly to your job site using our protected glass covering and storage racks to ensure that your product is protected until installation.
Our streamlined manufacturing processes ensure shorter delivery times than most in the industry.

Quality. durability and security are our clients’ primary concerns with impact systems and we can assure you our doors deliver!