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It’s no coincidence that EGS International’s preferred list of experienced general contractors and installers build upon our reputation and industry knowledge for high-performance impact sliding doors and window systems.

The benefits are extensive, from safety and value to integrity and performance. Building professionals are clearly drawn to our 30 years of experience, use of superior materials, and implementation of the strictest industry standards on products manufactured in our Florida facility.

Efficient Installation In A Timely Manner

Our shorter manufacturing times help you keep on schedule and within budget. Products are delivered directly to the job site in our protective racking system. Sophisticated project and stack management tools assist with efficient installation. We help you get the job done right with protective interior and exterior glass protection, which means no damage and no rework, saving time and money.

Selection and Choice Are Built Into Our Product Line

Envisioning, designing and constructing buildings are a marriage of art and architecture. To ensure that you have the selection that you need, we offer options such as frame choices, different glass tints including low-energy options, multiple sill heights, luxury PVD-coated hardware, screens, plus a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty.

The Standard of Aesthetic and Strength

From an aesthetically pleasing visual balance of extruded sight lines to our use of 1/8″ thickness aviation-grade 6005 aluminum alloy extrusions, we provide window and door systems that complement your building with style and strength. We offer:

  • Two coat 70% Kynar finish
  • Bi-parting panel design
  • Non-magnetic stainless steel rollers
  • All mounting bolts covered with aluminum cover matched plugs
  • Double weather stripped utilizing high-grade woodpile with integral plastic fin
  • Exterior of glass wet sealed with silicone with water shed
  • Large missile wind load rating of 9/16″ impact-resistant glazing system is +105/-130
  • Small missile wind load rating of 9/16″ impact-resistant glazing system is +130/-130


At EGS International, beyond helping to construct some of the best buildings in Florida, we’re building community and forging relationships. From production processes, following lean and ISO principles and tools. We stand behind Florida’s most stringent building standards, offering a clearly superior product.