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Impact Resistant Sliding Glass Doors: the Hurricane Impact Doors You Need

For those living in hurricane risk areas, it’s essential to strike a balance between enjoying this tropical weather and protecting yourself from it. While the warm air and ocean breezes are beautiful, you need the best possible defense on your buildings when hurricane season rolls around. And after the devastating 2017 hurricane season that caused so much destruction across Texas, the Gulf Coast, and the Caribbean, it’s never been more important to arm your property with the latest hurricane impact doors. And here at EGS International, we are committed to delivering the highest quality hurricane impact doors and windows for our clients.

Whether you own a hotel, condo building, storefront, or residential property, we are here to provide you with exemplary customer service and some of the best hurricane defense products in the industry. We have served South Florida and the Caribbean for over 30 years, and are the experts in impact sliding glass doors. By installing these products in your building, you can save on insurance, lower maintenance costs, reduce energy bills, and protect the building from hurricane winds and flying debris.

The EGS Difference: Hurricane Impact Doors

When you hire EGS to provide and install premium hurricane impact doors, you can expect a durable and resistant product. Our impact resistant sliding glass doors are thicker and stronger than the competition, and they come equipped with higher quality locks. The doors open and close smoothly while staying put during high winds.

Our impact sliding glass doors offer:

  • 70% Kynar finished, 6005 T5 alloy aluminum frames
  • Stainless steel roller and rail cover
  • 99% UV protection
  • Sound reduction
  • 25% more wind resistance than other base-grade products
  • Double hollow extrusions

Interested in more information or a quote on our high impact sliding glass doors? Contact us today to learn more about our hurricane-proof products and services. It is never too early to prepare for next year’s hurricane season, and we are looking forward to helping you strengthen your buildings. When you want to stand up to the worst mother nature can throw at you, you need EGS International.