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3 Signs Your Florida Condo is Not Hurricane-Ready

Hurricanes are capable of causing catastrophic damage. Florida, in particular, often bears the brunt of hurricanes from the Caribbean. As a result, you and your condo are vulnerable to the devastation caused by hurricanes regardless of where you live in the Sunshine State. According to, condos in Florida are only required to undergo public inspections every 40 years, you must take the initiative to ensure your property is hurricane-ready. Pay attention to the signs detailed below, as they demand your immediate attention.

1. Your Windows Are Significantly Damaged

The windows are the elements of your condo that are most vulnerable to hurricanes. They are constantly exposed to the strong winds and massive downpours delivered by hurricanes, so you need them to be as sturdy as possible. Windows with large cracks or missing seals can no longer provide the protection you need. Replacing them as soon as possible should be your priority.

Install impact-resistant windows around your condo unit to ensure you have adequate hurricane protection. Upgrading to impact-resistant windows is highly recommended because they can withstand extreme weather and projectiles. You can effectively shield your residents from the threats presented by a passing hurricane by relying on impact-resistant windows.

2. Your Doors Are Malfunctioning

Have you noticed your doors swinging open due to strong winds? Can you feel strong gusts of wind whenever you stand next to your condo’s doors? If you answered “yes” to both questions, take that as a sign that you need new doors. Switching to hurricane protection sliding glass doors is highly recommended in that scenario.

Hurricane protection sliding glass doors are sturdy fixtures that keep strong winds and rains at bay. You can also expect them to stay in one piece even if they’re hit by projectiles. Use their sturdiness to protect your loved ones and your Florida condo.

3. You Have Objects Positioned Near Your Doors and Windows

Lastly, your condo may not be hurricane-ready if you have neglected the necessary clean-up. Remove pieces of furniture or plants near your doors or windows so they don’t become projectiles. However, this is not an issue if you have impact-resistant windows or hurricane protection sliding glass doors.

Dealing with powerful hurricanes is an inevitable part of living in Florida. Make sure you’re ready for those extreme weather systems by taking heed of the warning signs detailed above. You can also contact EGS International if you’re looking for new doors and windows that can protect your condo from hurricanes!