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3 Tips on Securing Your Hotel During A Hurricane

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Owning a hotel in a southern coastal state means getting used to frequent intense hurricanes. These storms can cause extensive property damage and personal injury to your guests. One hurricane alone can dump more than 9 trillion liters and stir up millions of miles of air in a day. Installing sliding glass door systems from quality hotel door suppliers can help reduce the impact and keep your guests safe. Here are three tips on how to secure your hotel property during a hurricane:

Install High Impact Resistant Glass Doors

Impact resistant sliding glass doors purchased from reputable hotel door suppliers are hard to damage. The double-layer tempered glass features a plastic film inserted between the layers to keep it from shattering. This will help keep your guests safe from flying debris and help eliminate personal injury claims during a storm.

Apply Hurricane Film

Applying special hurricane film to your hurricane proof sliding glass doors will provide extra protection against potential shattering. The film won’t affect the appearance of your hurricane proof doors and will hold in place all year long. Keep in mind that hurricane film is only designed to prevent glass shards from forming when the hurricane impact doors are hit by flying debris. It will not prevent the glass from being blown away from the frame itself.

Use Storm Shutters

Using impact shutters for your hotel’s hurricane glass doors can provide complete protection in the event of an emergency. Storm shutters are typically made using aluminum, aluminum-wrapped foil, or fabric and are available in either a roll-up or accordion design. Fabric panels can be easily installed and are lightweight and durable. You can install them yourself or have a professional from one of the hotel door suppliers install it for you.

Another option is boarding up your sliding glass doors with plywood. This can help you reduce any liability risks and help you keep your insurance coverage. You can have an emergency boarding company come and take care of your doors before the storm hits.

Keeping your hotel property secure is of the utmost importance if you want to stay in business. If you have not installed hurricane resistant windows and doors for your business, you need to find hotel door suppliers right away. Be prepared before the next storm strikes and your guests will surely thank you for it.