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4 Great Reasons to Use Hurricane Resistant Windows

In hurricane-prone areas like Florida, undertaking a construction project without utilizing hurricane resistant windows is tantamount to failure. You need hurricane proof windows to protect your investment and ensure the safety of the occupants of your buildings. Window and door systems with an impact-resistant glazing system of +105/-130 can protect your building from hurricane-force winds traveling at more than 100MPH.

Here are more reasons why you should make use of hurricane resistant windows in your construction projects.

1. High Impact Windows Safeguard the Structural Integrity of Your Entire Building

As a contractor, you already know that hurricane resistant windows do more than prevent hurricane debris and other flying objects from shuttering and destroying your windows. Probably the biggest impact of hurricane-proof windows is protecting the overall structural integrity of your building. When the sudden pressure change caused by storms and hurricanes blows off the windows and doors, it’s more likely to result in total destruction of a building.

When windows and doors of a building are completely blown off, there’s increased air pressure that enters the building, and this can cause the roof to blow off. Consequently, the walls may also collapse and bring your entire building to the ground. However, high-quality hurricane windows will remain intact in the face of a hurricane and resist the extreme air pressure changes. Therefore, your entire building will remain undamaged because the impact-resistant hurricane windows and doors will keep the air pressure off the building’s interiors.

2. Impact Windows Have Excellent Insulation Against Sound

If you’re developing a commercial high-rise building, your tenants must be able to continue with their daily business even during the hurricane season. In Florida, the hurricane season may stretch for about five months, starting in July and peaking around September or October. Your tenants need to continue with their business operations during the hurricane season without noise disturbance from the storms. That’s why you must utilize hurricane resistant windows, as they have noise reduction features.

3. Hurricane Resistant Windows Boost the Overall Aesthetics of Your Building

Impact windows provide your building with an interrupted shutterless view of the immediate surroundings. Florida is one of the most beautiful states with attractive beaches and balmy weather. People refer to Florida as the sunshine state. As such, every home buyer or tenant will be looking for a house with a nice and broad view of the exterior environment. The good thing is that hurricane glass windows will provide your tenants with a nice view of the surrounding environment while also protecting them from storms and hurricanes. Additionally, high impact glass windows boost the overall curb appeal of your high-rise buildings. More customers will be attracted to your commercial or residential apartments because these impact glass windows look elegant from the outside.

4. Hurricane Proof Windows Keep Off Burglars

Impact resistant windows make it difficult and almost impossible for thieves to break into a house. Besides being safe from the storms and hurricanes, your clients want to know that thieves cannot easily break into their homes. Home burglaries are common in the U.S., and it’s estimated that a home gets broken into every 20.9 seconds. With hurricane resistant windows, a thief can’t break into a house without raising alarm. When someone smashes an impact-resistant window with a blunt tool, the glass doesn’t crack into small pieces as normal glass does. Instead, when impact windows shutter, the glass is held in place in a spider-web like formation. In short, there are no flying shards of glass that come off when an impact window is shuttered. This is because impact windows have many glass layers joined by a film of polyvinyl butyral or ethylene-vinyl acetate. Therefore, it is difficult for a thief to break into a house by simply smashing the glass windows.

For all your building projects in Florida, you should utilize hurricane resistant windows. Not only will you keep your tenants safe during the storm season, but you will also preserve the overall structural integrity of your building.