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4 Important Aspects to Consider BEFORE Constructing a Building In South Florida

4 Important Aspects To Consider BEFORE Constructing A Building In South Florida


If you’re in the process of constructing a new building in Florida, you’re going to need to focus on plenty of details that property owners in other parts of the world simply don’t have to worry about. If you’re not making every structural decision with the threat of a disastrous hurricane in the back of your mind, you’re not ready to construct a building in this area. On top of that, the unique geology and ecosystem of Florida require builders to adapt in other ways as well.

Here are some important things to focus on while constructing a new structure in South Florida:

1. Install hurricane glass doors
Hurricane Irma was the most powerful Atlantic hurricane in recorded history, and the memory of the storm is still fresh in many Florida homeowners’ minds. It was a Category 5 storm with wind speeds reaching 185 miles per hour for up to 37 hours. If your want your building to have any chance of surviving a hurricane like that, or any other weather Mother Nature can throw at you, then you need to be focusing on hurricane-resistant products. While these windows and doors may have been bulky in the past, today they are as sleek and modern in appearance as any other building product.

Not only do hurricane glass doors look great at your company’s entrance ways, but they will also protect the building from severe hurricanes and other weather conditions that might strike Florida at any moment. Likewise, homeowners should find impact window and door manufacturers that pride themselves on crafting hurricane sliding doors so they can ensure that everyone inside the home stays safe during a horrific storm.

2. Install hurricane-resistant windows
Again, you’re going to need to ensure that your building’s windows can both look aesthetically-pleasing and sustain extremely powerful winds and weather conditions. There are high-quality window manufacturers in Florida who you can work with to acquire great-looking and durable windows that match your building’s desired decor.

3. Consider Nearby Sewage Treatment Plants
Unfortunately, due to the large amount of water that both surrounds and falls on Miami, it’s important to factor in the liklihood of flooding in the future. For instance, a number of aging sewer treatment plants in Miami have a tendency to flood, dumping sewage into nearby areas. Before you select a building site, ensure that your property won’t be a likely dumping ground for flooded sewage plants in the area.

Honorable Mention: Get your Florida building permits in order
Even if the windows, doors, and siding you plan on using are high-quality and hurricane-resistant, you’re still going to need the correct licensing and documentation to begin your construction projects. Your best bet is to acquire all this necessary paperwork early on so you don’t have to worry about it later, and thus avoid potential confusion down the line.

If you’re ready to build a strong and great-looking structure in Florida for your business, and find some of the strongest impact glass doors Miami has to offer, contact EGS International today. Engineering Glass Systems is here to provide you with strong hurricane glass doors and windows to keep everyone and everything inside your structure safe during Florida’s scariest moments.