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4 Most common property damages from hurricanes

As fall approaches, many parts of the country can look forward to colorful leaves and pumpkin patches. This time of year also means more hurricanes and their devastating effects on property, infrastructure, and human life. Now’s the time to install high impact windows and doors to protect your properties as much as possible. Here are some of the most common types of property damage you can expect from hurricanes.

1. Broken Windows

According to the Sun Sentinel, there were an unprecedented ten storms in a row that developed into hurricanes in 2017, which hasn’t happened since 1893. Unsurprisingly, this situation resulted in several destroyed windows and doors. When hurricanes make landfall, they can result in high wind pressure, flying debris, tree branches, and other things that can shatter windows. When windows break or develop vulnerabilities in their sealing, it leads to further interior issues.

2. Water Damage

Hurricanes bring just as much rain as they do heavy wind. When the storm surges, it can easily flood the streets and properties, especially basements. When windows and doors receive damage from the intense winds, it’s easier for water to rush inside the property. Cars, furniture, and other property can be rushed away by flowing water. According to Qipa, it only takes mold spores 24 to 72 hours to begin sprouting in a wet environment. Even if your house dries out after the storm, you may have lingering mold damage that can cause several health problems, such as asthma, emphysema, and respiratory infections. High impact windows and doors can help keep water out.

3. Roof Damage

High winds can be devastating for any roof. Tiles, asphalt shingles, or weakened metal panels can easily become ripped off. Any vulnerabilities to the top layer of your roof can result in cracks and holes that allow water to seep into the foundation. Even if your roof appears fine after a major storm, have it inspected for extra precaution.

4. Fire Damage

When hurricanes land, they have the power to down power lines, which can spark fires. Fires can also happen as a result of lightning strikes during the storms. The result of such damage includes destroyed structures or smoke contamination.

If you’re a contracting company or real estate developer, you should be looking to protect your property before hurricane season fully gets underway. Our high impact windows and doors are built to protect your investment and keep your residents, and property, safe. Reach out to our experts today to learn more about our products.