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4 Reasons Why You Should Use Impact Windows for Your Building Projects in South Florida

South Florida usually experiences some of the strongest hurricanes in the U.S. This is the reason that the Florida Building Code (FBC) requires all windows of buildings within one mile of the coast where the wind speed is more than 110 mph to be impact-resistant. As a contractor, you should ensure that you use the best quality of impact windows in all your building projects. Here is why you should use high impact windows for all your building projects in South Florida.

1. High-Performance Impact Resistant Windows Prevent Hurricane Damage

Strong hurricanes are usually devastating and not only cause property damage but can kill people. Buildings without impact windows usually take the most damage in the face of a hurricane. Category 5 hurricanes, like Hurricane Irma that hit Florida in 2017, can cause untold damage to a building with normal glass windows or sub-standard hurricane-proof windows. That’s why the North American Fenestration Standard (NAFS) and the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) meticulously test hurricane resistant windows using missile projectiles. For impact windows to get the stamp of approval, they must pass two series of tests.

Impact windows such as Rampart Series 5500 Fixed windows are among the approved impact-resistant windows, and they offer complete protection in the face of a hurricane. You want your buildings to be totally hurricane-proof and keep your tenants safe during Tropical cyclones. That’s why you must use high impact glass windows for all your buildings. That way, you will also adhere to Florida’s building code requirements.

2. Impact Windows Will Boost the Overall Aesthetics of Your Building

Besides protecting your building from hurricanes, glass windows add elegance to the overall style and look of your building structure. Especially in high-rise apartments, hurricane glass windows provide an uninterrupted shutterless view of the immediate surroundings. With high engineering and design standards, you can fit your glass windows to achieve that picture-perfect view that clients would kill for. As such, impact windows will boost your buildings’ beauty and also protect it from strong hurricanes.

3. Impact Windows Keep off Burglars

It’s nearly impossible for burglars to break into a house with impact glass windows. Unlike a normal glass window that shatters when struck with a sharp metal rod, impact windows will only splinter – like the windshield of a car does upon impact. For intruders to break through hurricane-proof windows, it would take a lot of time, which will probably be more time than they are willing to risk. It’s hard to break through the many layers of glass in impact-resistant windows. Even in some places that are less hit by hurricanes, you will find contractors using impact windows solely for theft prevention. The more reason why you should use hurricane resistant windows for your building projects.

4. Impact Windows Increase Energy Efficiency

South Florida is one of the hottest places in North America for several geographical reasons. First, Florida is very close to the equator and receives stronger sunlight than other parts of the country. Additionally, Florida is bordered by two relatively warm water bodies — the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Gulf of Mexico to the west. As a result, Florida is hot, and buildings need more air conditioning. Hurricane impact windows are made of laminated glass with low emissivity (LoE) coatings, which increases the windows’ energy efficiency. In the summer, high impact windows reflect some of the sun’s heat back outside, which keeps the buildings cool. In winter, the glass impact windows reflect heat inside the building, keeping the house warm. Overall, this translates to huge cost-savings in energy bills. The modern customers are interested in house designs that will lower their heating costs.

Ultimately, using impact windows in your construction projects in South Florida will give you many benefits. Your buildings will be hurricane-proof, have a nice curb appeal, keep off thieves, and be more energy-efficient. You will also be in good books with the local authorities because buildings in South Florida are required to have hurricane resistant windows as stipulated by the Florida Building Code.


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