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4 Steps High Rises in Florida Should Take to Prep for Hurricane Season

Hurricanes are no joke in Florida. If you are an owner of a high rise, you have certain obligations and responsibilities when it comes to this stormy season. According to the National Weather Service, the Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1 through Nov 30. During this time of the year, it is imperative that highrise owners take certain steps to ensure that the residents of their buildings are safe. Let’s look at some steps high-rise owners can take to keep residents and property safe.

1. Update Windows and Hurricane Glass Doors

If needed, property owners should make every effort to ensure that windows and sliding glass doors are up to hurricane codes for your area. To provide the most protection for both your residents and your property, it is recommended that all windows and sliding glass doors be constructed using high-performance products such as those from Engineered Glass Systems.

Only high-performance windows and hurricane glass doors are built to withstand the pressure and abuse that this extreme weather will bring to your area. These types of glass products help to decrease the chances of broken glass and serious injuries to residents.

2. Update Contact Info

Another important step that highrise owners can take is to make sure that contact information for all residents has been sufficiently updated. This can be a vital information resource in the event of a hurricane. Contact details are also necessary for ensuring that everyone inside the property is safe and accounted for, as well as to ensure that family members can be contacted in the event of injuries.

3. Update Hurricane Preparedness Guide

It is the responsibility of the homeowners association to ensure that the hurricane guidelines for the property are up to date and are in accordance with the most current information from the state of Florida, the National Weather Service, and any local authorities that have issued mandates. In addition to this, each resident should be given a copy of these guidelines. It is even better if a property can establish a method by which each resident agrees to the guidelines and confirms that they have read and understand them as well.

4. Protect Files and Data

This may not first come to mind when discussing hurricane preparedness, but natural disasters are a prime time for data breaches. It is a good idea prior to the season each year, that management take steps to back up all files and ensure that data is secure.

If you are in need of upgraded windows or hurricane glass doors for your properties, please check out our offerings today. EGS International is happy to meet your needs and answer any of your questions.