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5 Essential Door and Window Upgrades to Make to Your Condo Association Before Hurricane Season

Your condo association offers beautiful ocean views but also faces the risk of hurricanes each year. While you can’t prevent storms, you can proactively protect your condo building by installing impact-resistant doors and windows before hurricane season begins. Read on for five upgrades to consider making with the assistance of professionals soon.

1. Upgrade to Hurricane Sliding Doors

Standard sliding glass doors are notorious for shattering during storms. Have a professional replace the ones in your condo building with impact-resistant hurricane sliding doors built to withstand wind pressures and debris. Look for doors rated to at least meet the Large Missile Impact standard with laminated or tempered glass. Hurricane sliding doors will protect your association and provide tenants with peace of mind.

2. Install Impact Windows

Another smart upgrade is installing impact-resistant windows, which are specially engineered with shatterproof glass. Make sure any new windows meet the proper building codes required in your area. Impact windows come in handy during a storm, preventing damaging winds from entering your condo building.

3. Consider Security Shutters

In addition to new doors and windows, invest in steel or aluminum hurricane security shutters. These can be permanently installed over all window and door openings or put up temporarily when a storm is coming. Plus, both manual and electric shutter systems are available. Shutters provide an extra layer of protection for the glass underneath.

4. Check Entry and Garage Doors

While you’re upgrading exterior doors, don’t neglect any entry or garage doors within the condo association. These can also allow powerful winds and debris inside if they aren’t impact-rated. Have a professional assess all your exterior doors and replace any that aren’t hurricane-proof with stronger models before storm season hits.

5. Inspect Storm Panels

If your condo building has existing storm panels or plywood boards, check that they are ready to be installed properly in the event of a hurricane. Make any necessary repairs and have what you need to fully protect window and door openings. Impact-resistant installations combined with storm panels or shutters offer the best protection.

Making a few selective upgrades to doors and windows using hurricane-proof products can drastically improve your condo building’s ability to withstand storms. According to CooperatorNews Western Florida, every 40 years, condos in Florida are required to undergo a public inspection. With the right doors and windows, you can rest easier knowing your building is ready for hurricane season. Reach out to EGS International for an estimate today!


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