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5 Top Benefits of Installing Hurricane Proof Windows and Doors

hurricane sliding doors

Living in Florida is fabulous — it’s not called the Sunshine State just for nothing. As much as your tenants will enjoy the panoramic view of Florida’s beautiful coastline from their house during summer, it’s a different ball game when the hurricane season sets in. If you don’t have hurricane resistant doors and windows in your building, your tenants will be devastated when hurricanes strike. Each year, the Atlantic hurricane season starts officially on June 1 and runs up to November 30. It’s important to keep your tenants and your building safe by installing hurricane sliding doors and impact windows.

Why utilize hurricane proof sliding glass doors and high impact glass windows for your building?

1. Combine Safety and Beauty

Glass doors and windows boost the curb appeal of a building significantly. Prospective tenants will be attracted to your building from a distance. Given that Florida has one of the most attractive landscapes in the country, people are willing to pay more for a luxury balcony with a great view of the surrounding sceneries. But they also want to know that they’ll be protected when unforgiving storms and hurricanes strike. Good thing you can install high impact windows and doors without sacrificing the visual appeal of your building. Hurricane glass doors and windows can withstand category 5 hurricanes. Category 5 hurricanes are the biggest and most devastating.

Impact-resistant hurricane windows and doors not only protect the occupants of a building, but they also protect the structural integrity of the whole building. If all the windows and doors are shattered during a hurricane, your entire building is at risk of collapse. The high-pressure difference caused by storms can easily collapse your building when the windows and doors are destroyed. However, impact doors and windows can withstand the strongest storms without sustaining damage. Therefore, they safeguard the structural integrity of your entire building.

2. Sound Reduction

The grumbles, growls, and thundering sounds from a strong hurricane are not ear-friendly. The noise-disturbance caused by a storm will cause discomfort to the residents of your building. If you own a commercial building, the exterior noise may impede the commercial activities of your tenants. That’s why you should utilize soundproof sliding glass doors and windows for your buildings. For the five months of the hurricane season, your tenants shouldn’t have their operations hampered by the exterior noise caused by hurricanes.

3. Long Term Investment

Hurricane resistant windows and doors undergo a series of impact testing before they’re certified. They’re put through a wind pressure test, small missile impact test, and large missile impact test. This means that your impact glass windows and doors will endure the biggest hurricanes without getting shattered. Unless you decide to replace the hurricane-proof windows and doors, they’ll serve you for a lifetime. Additionally, windows and doors manufacturers who sell wholesale windows and doors have attractive warranties for their products. Therefore, you may not have to spend large sums of money on repair and maintenance once you make the initial investment.

4. Impact Resistant Windows and Doors Keep Burglars Out

Hurricane sliding doors provide enough security against home invasions. It’s hard for thieves to access your building by breaking the glass with a blunt object like they can with other base-grade glass doors and windows. Sadly, it is estimated that about 3.7 million burglaries happen in the U.S. each year. By installing hurricane protection sliding doors in your building, you keep your tenants’ property safe.

5. Adhere to Florida’s Building Codes

If your building is located within one mile of a coast that experiences wind speeds of more than 110 mph, you must install impact-resistant windows as stipulated by the Florida Building Code (FBC).

Hurricane sliding doors and impact glass windows offer more than hurricane protection to your building and tenants. They enhance the overall aesthetics of your building and also keep burglars out of your building. After investing in hurricane-proof windows and hurricane sliding doors, you should engage an experienced contractor to conduct the installation.