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Advantages of Impact Resistant Windows

Impact Resistant Windows

Property managers are always searching for the next upgrade to take their high-rise condominiums to the next level. During the initial stages of the renovation, it is concluded that the newest addition needs to be done to the exterior of the condominium. The remodel has to be something eye-catching. It also has to benefit the current and future residents. What is needed in this scenario is a change to high-impact resistant windows and these are the advantages of these installments.

1. ​Stylish Look
Condominiums must appear as fashionable on the outside as they do on the inside. The objective is for the high-rise building to turn the heads of anyone passing by. Impact resistant windows provides a luxurious design that will not only attract new residents, but also adds to the appreciation of the building. With these windows, a property manager can bring an improved modern style their building.

2. Soundproof
​A difficult situation for any condominium resident is noise. The resident wants to be located closer in the city. However, they have no desire to be constantly bothered by the Miami night-life. An incredible feature of these windows is their soundproof capabilities. No need to worry about any outside music drifting into the building once these are installed. As hurricane season comes along, these windows also block out the sounds of crashing winds occurring.

3. Strength
They cannot be high-impact resistant windows without being able to resist an extreme amount of force. Tropical storms in Miami are harsh and unpredictable, and shutters do not work as well as some may believe in these situations. In fact, these windows can withstand 25% more wind load than other products. Their strength also applies to protecting the residents of potential intruders. Whether the condo is located on the top floor or the first, the internal fear of a break-in remains for all residents and the property manager. These windows are the perfect solution to ease this worry and keep everyone in the high-rise safe and sound.


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