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Are You a Florida Real Estate Developer? You Should Know These Rules About Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors

As Florida continues to surge in popularity, real estate developers flock to the Sunshine State to help develop land and create new housing. However, Florida has its own set of rules regarding impact-resistance windows and doors. Understanding local regulations is essential before stocking up on wholesale windows and doors. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know.


Florida has its regulations regarding impact-resistant windows and doors. However, those regulations are different depending on the location of your real estate development. Specifically, according to the Florida Building Code, windows must be impact-resistant if they are within one mile of the coast and the wind speed is at least 110 mph.

Shutter Protection

Specific regulations state that you must purchase shutters if you replace windows under the old building code and are not using impact-resistant windows. Shutters can quickly be closed when a severe storm or hurricane hits, protecting future tenants from broken glass. If you’re buying wholesale windows and doors that are not impact-resistant, it’s essential to look into whether shutters are required for your building.

Wind-Borne Debris

The Florida Building Code designates specific areas as wind-borne debris regions. Typically, these areas are within one mile of the coast. The buildings in these regions are likelier to get hit by flying debris during storms and hurricanes than others. Therefore, buildings in these areas must have impact-resistant openings, which include doors. Buildings in these designated areas must buy impact-resistant wholesale windows and doors.

Other Requirements

Impact-resistant windows and doors are always an excellent investment, but they aren’t required in the entire state. Many areas not within a mile of the coast don’t have regulations requiring impact-resistant windows or coverings like shutters. Instead, you can purchase any doors and windows for your new development.

A Wise Investment

Although impact-resistant doors and windows may not be required, they are still a wise investment. Hurricanes can spawn tornadoes, which will wreak havoc throughout the state. Buildings that are further away from the coast than one mile are often subject to harsh windows, especially high-rise buildings. Plus, many insurance companies give a discount for upgrades like these.

We understand the importance of making wise choices when designing your subsequent development in Florida. Our company specializes in selling wholesale windows and doors, so contact EGS International today for more information.


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