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Being Prepared for Hurricane Season

Hurricane season

You notice there is something in the air. You analyze how the humidity and the heat are rising. Curiously, you look back at your calendar and then you put the clues together. Summer awakened and so follows hurricane season. Hurricane season is an intense time of the summer: high speed winds surrounding the area, rain pouring down from different directions, and streets turned to fast current rivers. Your hurricane experience is dependent on how well you prepare yourself. Read further through some recommended methods to how to lesson the blow this hurricane season.

Check in and Stocking Up
Speak with the property manager of your building about any potential dangers which may occur during the event of a storm. Ask them what is the likeliness of power outages or water shutting off. Center the discussion on the infrastructure of the building. For example, does your condominium windows protect its occupants against flying debris and high-power winds? The answers you receive influence your upcoming strategy. You may learn your building is not secure and you need to relocate or the building is safe but power outages are still likely. In the scenario of you residing in a reliable building, stock up on supplies. Create a list of items required in an emergency. Items in your list can consist of batteries, flashlights, canned foods, water bottlers, and first aid kits. Other items to add depend on your personal needs. 

No Need to Shut Out the Storm
Shutters are sometimes used as window protection against hurricanes, but are not the best or recommended solution. Newer and more trustworthy mechanisms are replacing them everyday. Condominiums and other high-rise buildings are installing high-impact windows for better security and higher property value. These windows act as a barrier between those inside the building and the storm. Any debris and winds occurring hold a lower chance of causing damage to a building with high-impact windows. Another benefit is noise reduction. During their destruction, hurricane winds are loud and overwhelming. High-impact windows decrease the hurricane’s noise levels to the degree where you are no aware of the storm taking place beyond your building’s walls. 

Ahead of the Game
Be prepared for an emergency before the emergency happens. This mindset pertains to living in a condominium or apartment building guaranteed to provide you stable shelter in a hurricane. Knowing the risks before hand better strengthens your future strategy. Completely assuring your plan is ridding yourself of those probable hazards. When touring condos and apartments, inquire on how they are built: what protective measures were taken in the building design to ensure the safety of the residents. A condo armed with back-up generators and protective windows implies the risks were identified and analyzed beforehand, and the building manager worked to eliminate those threats. Thereby establishing a favorable opinion towards the condo or apartment.

The upcoming hurricane season is an anxious period of the year for anyone inhabiting tropical storm prone areas. How you dwindle your panic this summer relies on your research and knowledge of the building you live in. Talk to your property manager and ask those critical questions. You may discover it is time for a change in address to a place already prepared for stormy weather.