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Comprehensive Costs Guide For Hurricane Proof Sliding Glass Doors

price of hurricane proof sliding glass doors

As a property owner in Florida, being prepared for natural disasters is a high priority. Sudden hurricanes can cause massive structural damage. Hurricanes can often spawn tornadoes within a few days after impact, making the problem even worse. The price of hurricane proof sliding glass doors can be far less than the expensive repairs you’ll have to make if caught unprepared. Here’s a comprehensive guide on what to expect when investing in hurricane impact sliding glass doors.

Typical New Purchase Costs

The price of hurricane proof sliding glass doors can vary depending on which windows and doors manufacturer you choose. The cost can range anywhere from $300 to $1,100 on average. The installation costs for hurricane proof sliding doors can be anywhere between $600 to over $2,000, depending on the project’s complexity and local rates. When looking for sliding glass door systems, make sure to choose ones that feature steel reinforcement, energy-efficient glass, and factory-installed weather stripping.

Replacement Or Repair Costs

If you currently have impact-resistant sliding glass doors that need repairs because of dry rot or water damage, it can cost $50 to $1,000 depending on what needs to be fixed. Be sure to get estimates from several different impact window manufacturers in south Florida to get the best price. You may be able to save money making some smaller repairs yourself. However, it’s better to hire professionals to make any major repairs or replacements.

Cost Savings of Hurricane Proof Sliding Glass Doors

You can save money by installing hurricane protection sliding glass doors. Property owners can be eligible to receive tax credits and insurance benefits. It can also save money on utility costs by making the property more energy-efficient. You’ll also save thousands of dollars from property damage from hurricane-force winds. Once the sliding glass doors are installed, you won’t have to worry about spending plenty of money on maintenance.

Home Upgrades Costs

Sliding patio Hurricane Proof Sliding Glass doors are a common home upgrade that can significantly enhance your living space during the warmer months. However, for homeowners preparing for hurricanes, it’s crucial to consider options that offer both beauty and stability. For those who decide to take this measure, the national average cost of sliding patio doors is $2,000–$4,000. Nonstandard-size doors made of premium fiberglass and hurricane or soundproof glass doors with luxury hardware could cost several thousand dollars. Keep in mind that how much you’ll pay depends on the door’s size, style, and glass type. Installing these doors in your patio can be a strategic upgrade for hurricane preparation.

Cost by Door Type

The type of door means the number of side-by-side vertical panels the door unit has. Although most homeowners install two-panel patio doors, there are others such as building owners with large spaces that may choose as many as six-panel Hurricane Proof Sliding Glass doors. Prices for a two-panel door range between $400 to $1,500. Three-panel door can cost up to $3,500, four-panel door highest cost is $5,500, and cix-panel door can be found ranging between $3,500–$6,500. The more panels you choose, the more you’ll pay.

Costs by Size

The cost of impact resistance windows varies significantly depending on the size. Similar to the type of Hurricane Proof Sliding Glass doors, larger windows require more materials increasing the overall cost. On average, small hurricane windows (24×30, 32×36, 48×44 inches) can range from $120 to $175 per window. Medium-sized windows (52×44, 52×60 inches) typically cost between $200 and $225, and larger windows (60×60, 60×96 inches or more) can range from $350 to $700 or more. Of course, these are just general prices and they can change based on factors such as the quality of glass, frame material, and additional features like UV protection or tinting.

The benefits of investing far outweigh the price of hurricane proof sliding glass doors. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your property is securely protected from the dangerous hurricane winds and rain. If you’re looking for more information on how to choose hurricane proof windows, contact our professionals at EGS International to find out more information about our services.