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Constructing a Building In Florida? Don’t Forget About Impact Doors and Windows

Condos in Florida are required to undergo a public inspection at least every 40 years. If you’re in the process of building a home or commercial business, you need to be extremely careful and plan out every step of the way.


If you’re a general contractor in Florida, it’s important that you’re staying up to date on all the necessary building codes in order to avoid not only legal troubles, but ensure the safety of everyone who steps foot inside your newly construction building, as well.


When installing glass door systems, for instance, you need to ensure that they are impact sliding doors, and not just conventional doors. Since hurricanes will undoubtedly strike the Florida coast yet again, as well as year after year, you need to make sure that impact sliding doors are installed throughout the building so they can withstand hurricane force winds and flying debris. The same is true for hurricane proof windows. You can’t just have weak windows in a condo, home, or commercial building, you need high impact glass windows and doors.


Additionally, you need to make sure everything you plan on doing fits in your project budget. By working with trusted sliding glass door systems providers, you’ll be able to quickly and efficiently finish any kind of interior construction job with no damage, no rework, and significant money, time, and even energy savings.


When selecting quality window and door systems that will keep your structure secure and looking great, consider working with a service that offers the following:


  • Small missile wind load rating of 9/16″ large missile wind load rating of 9/16.


  • Impact-resistant glazing system of 130/-130.


  • Bi-parting panel design.


  • Exterior of glass wet sealed with silicone with watershed.


  • Two coat 70% and a Kynar finish.


  • Non-magnetic stainless steel rollers


  • Double weather stripped utilizing high-grade woodpile with integral plastic fin.


  • All mounting bolts covered with aluminum cover matches and plugs.


If you want to learn more about the importance of installing impact sliding doors or work with window manufactures in Florida, give Engineering Glass Systems a call today.