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The Dangers of Constructing a Building In South Florida

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If you’re developing a structure in Miami, Florida, it’s essential that you take weather into every single property decision you make. Unfortunately, hurricanes are part of life down South, which is why your structure, whatever it may be, needs the most durable hurricane windows and doors Miami has to offer.

A single hurricane can stir up million of miles of air, tossed around with intense winds, and can even dump more than¬†2.4 trillion gallons of rain each day. Even if you’re using the strongest construction material for your building, if you’re not using high impact glass hurricane windows and doors Miami buildings pride themselves on, your building is not going to withstand the South Florida weather.

It’s best to understand the various categories of hurricanes as well so you can fully protect your building and all its inhabitants.

Category 1
Cat 1 hurricanes range from 74 to 95 mph wind speeds and can produce minor damage to properties and lead to minor injuries as debris flies through the air. During Cat 1 storms, glass windows will typically remain intact.

Category 2
Cat 2 storms involve winds ranging from 96 to 110 mph and can lead to extensive property damage. Thanks to the higher wind speeds, people and animals are more susceptible to debris damage. Additionally, glass windows and doors — both protected and unprotected — are more vulnerable to damage.

Category 3
Cat 3 storms involve winds ranging from 11 to 130 mph and are dangerous to humans and animals. Poorly constructed buildings can be easily destroyed during cat 3 storms.

Category 4
With win speeds ranging from 131 to 155 mph, cat 4 storms are extremely dangerous to humans, animals, and all kinds of structures. Cat 4 hurricanes can completely ravage large structures.

Category 5
Cat 5 storms feature winds greater than 155 mph can cause lead to catastrophic damage to anything it its path. Long-lasting power outages are often associated with Cat 5 storms and entire cities can be ransacked.

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