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Guide To Investing In Impact Glass During The Pandemic

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Hurricane season in Florida is fast approaching, starting June 1 and ending on November 30. Experts are predicting this year’s storms can be even more damaging than the ones that have blown through Florida in the past. Spring is typically the time to start preparing for these vicious storms, but the recent pandemic is making it a difficult challenge. Here’s your guide on investing in impact glass hurricane protection in Florida during the pandemic.

The Impact Of Stay At Home Orders

The current stay at home order in Florida is issued to last until the end of April but may extend into July depending on how fast the curve can be flattened. Only essential services are allowed to operate, and there has been confusion regarding what hurricane preparations are permissible under these essential services. Hurricane window manufacturers are considered to be an essential service. This means that our professionals here at EGS International can serve our customers with impact glass windows and doors to get ready for this upcoming storm season. If your property needs impact glass installed, now is the perfect time to do it.

How Preparation Now Pays Off Later

The upcoming 2020 hurricane season is expected to hit Florida with above-average intensity. There’s a 69% chance that one major storm at least will make landfall. A typical hurricane season for Florida has about six hurricanes, three major ones, and about 12 storms. This summer meteorologists predict there will be four major hurricanes and approximately 16 storms. Making sure properties are stable and safe with impact glass is highly critical in order to be able to survive the impact.

Properties from West Palm Beach to the Florida Keys are vulnerable and need to be reinforced as soon as possible with impact glass doors and hurricane glass windows. If the virus is still raging when the storms arrive, it can impact Florida residents from the ability to evacuate. This wouldn’t be the first time that major hurricanes struck during a time of national crisis. Hurricanes have created ravaging damage during World War II, the Spanish Flu outbreak, and the Great Depression.

Now is the time to make sure your property is properly reinforced with impact glass for the upcoming hurricane season. Social distancing may create a challenge, but it’s important that your property and the humans inside are also safe from harm from deadly storm damage. Contact EGS International today to get a quote on quality hurricane impact windows for your property today!