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Homeowners Beware: Strong Winds Can Strike At Anytime

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Although the Atlantic hurricane season officially ends on November 30, hurricane-force winds can still strike communities around the country at any time, making hurricane glass doors and windows and essential aspect of home and business ownership.

According to AccuWeather, more than 300,000 homeowners are without power in Washington and California after a strong winter storm — equipped with extremely powerful winds — struck the western side of the United States.

“A storm packing rain, heavy mountain snow, and damaging winds pounded the West Coast of the United States,” said Renee Duff, AccuWeather meteorologist.

The storm hit on January 5th, which brought over half an inch of rain at the Los Angeles International Airport in just six hours. The strong winds took down power lines, sent debris flying, and even uprooted trees throughout Washington and California.

Additionally, according to CBS Denver, another storm with hurricane force winds is on its way to Colorado, resulting in the National Weather Service to issue a high wind warning for the first full week of January.

Areas in the warning could see sustained wind speeds reaching 50 miles per hour with gusts in excess of 75 mph.

Whether you live in Washington or Florida, you should make sure your home and your family are safe and protected prior to, during, and after a major storm. Hurricane winds can completely devastate residential and commercial properties — especially in Miami. In order to ensure the safety of your home and protect your family during major storms, make sure you’re equipping your property with the hurricane doors Miami trusts.

Hurricane impact doors and windows are strong enough to withstand not only powerful winds, but the debris that will be smashing into them, as well. Not utilizing hurricane doors Miami has to offer could result in your windows and doors being easily broken during storms with minor wind speeds.

No matter what time of the year it is, if you’re in an area that often sees strong winds, make sure your home or business is thoroughly protected. If you’re in need of some of the strongest and most durable hurricane doors Miami has to offer and want to work with trusted door and window manufacturers in Florida, give Engineering Glass Systems a call right away.