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How Are Hurricane Glass Windows So Strong?

hurricane glass windows

For property owners in hurricane-prone regions, hurricane glass windows and doors are essential long-term solutions for the safety and recovery of their business in the event of a hurricane. Windows of this strength are designed to protect against extreme forces of any kind that would typically shatter standard windows, but what materials make them so durable? We’re going to go over the materials used to build hurricane glass windows, and how these materials protect and preserve a building’s structural integrity.

The Materials Used

Hurricane glass windows are typically made with multiple layers of laminated glass. Laminated glass is the premier glass type for hurricanes. The laminated pane of glass in these windows is reinforced with an incredibly durable polymer layer in between.

So what exactly prevents this glass from shattering? A major factor is the glass film located in the inner heat-strengthened layer of the window, which can be up to 5 times stronger than typical glass films. Higher-strength materials such as vinyl and aluminum are used to build the frames of impact windows.

The Rigorous Testing

Windows for hurricane protection are tested by small and large missile impact tests. The missiles launch toward different areas of the product, testing how durable the window is as a whole. According to the University of Florida, the Florida Building Code (FBC) requires windows to be impact-resistant if located within one mile of the coast where the wind speed is 110 mph or greater, so tests to this extremity are entirely necessary of simulating the most intense winds. Successful tests ensure that hurricane windows can withstand even the most extreme conditions, like a category 5 hurricane.

Additional Properties

Not only do these windows provide physical protection, but they also provide people protection from the intensely loud noises that a hurricane causes. The combined thickness of the layers of laminated glass drastically reduces noise infiltration, which is helpful for alleviating some of the danger that hurricanes present.

For high-velocity hurricane zones like Florida, it’s crucial to install hurricane proof doors and windows that will protect your commercial property from devastating storms. We’re proud to provide glass products capable of providing category 5 hurricane protection, so contact us at EGS International today! We’re a hurricane window manufacturer Florida can rely on for them and their property’s absolute safety.