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How Dangerous Are Hurricanes and How Can You Protect Your Commercial Property?

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Hurricanes are known for their dangerously powerful winds and sheets of hail. The rain feels like a monsoon while the winds rip trees from the ground because they have so much energy. Hurricane Irma had 7 trillion watts of power, double the energy of all bombs used in World War II, according to The Balance. These massive storms can be extremely dangerous, but there are several things you can do to protect your commercial property.

Hurricane Windows

Working with window manufacturers can help protect your property. Hurricane windows are designed to withstand hurricanes’ harsh impact as they unleash their fury onto everything in their path. These windows are less likely to break, helping protect your property and people inside.

Hurricane Doors

Many window manufacturers that make hurricane windows also specialize in hurricane doors. These doors can withstand the impact of hurricanes and are less likely to break or be ripped away from the building. Keeping the harsh weather outside can drastically mitigate the damage from storms.

Flood Prevention

Hurricanes often push sea and ocean water onto the land, making commercial buildings near the coast likely to experience flooding. Flooding prevention measures can help minimize the damage your commercial building experiences. Install equipment higher off the ground, and don’t leave electrical cords along the ground. Consider installing a pumping system to help eliminate extra water from flooding.

Tree Services

The severe winds can make tree limbs fall or uproot trees from the ground. However, this is more likely if trees are weak, diseased, or lean. It’s also expected if branches are too heavy for the tree. Invest in local tree services to prune trees and remove dying trees so you don’t have to worry about them falling on your property.

Secure Roof

You want to make sure the roof of your building is secure. Avoid using cheap or flimsy materials for your commercial building. Instead, invest in heavy-duty materials, like metal roofing, which are less likely to get damaged. Contact a local company for regular roof inspections to ensure the roof of your building is in good shape.

When a hurricane hits, it’s too late to take preventative measures. Proper preparations are essential if you live in a hurricane-prone area. Window manufacturers that specialize in hurricane doors and windows can help you do that. Contact EGS International to learn more about our products.


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