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How Do Hurricane Glass Windows Affect Firefighters?

hurricane glass windows

Hurricanes are extremely powerful, so protecting your home is vital. According to The Balance, Hurricane Irma held 7 trillion watts of energy, which is twice the energy of all the bombs used in World War II. If you’re considering hurricane windows, then here’s everything you should know about them.

What Are Hurricane Windows?

Hurricane windows are a specific type of window that’s designed to withstand the conditions of a hurricane, which means standing up to high wind speeds and impacts. Standard hurricane windows provide protection against high wind speeds, while impact windows protect against high wind speeds as well as the impact from debris. These windows are specially treated and constructed of several layers to make sure they can withstand hurricanes, which is why they’re used in certain areas.

How They Affect Firefighters

Hurricane glass windows are an excellent choice for any susceptible home, but sometimes they’re difficult to break. Since these windows are required in many areas, firefighters have had to train to learn how to get in and out of homes when they have these types of windows. Even if you have these windows in your home because it’s required, you’ll be safe if there is ever a time for firefighters to visit.

Dealing With Hurricane Windows

In order to get in and out of homes that have hurricane windows, firefighters use training and special tools to break these windows. Cutting these windows allows firefighters to break them in many cases. These professionals are trained in all types of scenarios, so they’ll be able to get through impact glass windows.

Choosing the Right Windows

These windows are actually a great way to protect against hurricanes, vandalism, and general impacts. However, you should make sure you’re talking to an expert to choose the right windows. You should also make sure any impact-resistant windows in your home are clearly marked, that way firefighters know what they’re dealing with and can keep everyone safe.

When you live in an area where hurricanes are common, hurricane windows are one of the best ways to protect your home. With the help of a professional, you can find hurricane windows that protect your home while also ensuring they’re good for firefighters. Contact our team to learn more about upgrading your home or condo with hurricane windows.