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How does Hurricane Proof Glass Protect You During a Storm?

hurricane proof sliding glass doors price

Condos in Florida are required to undergo a public inspection every 40 years. For many people, that might mean it’s time to replace old windows and doors with hurricane proof windows and doors. When you’re looking at hurricane proof sliding glass doors price tags, it can feel hard to justify that big of a purchase. But when you consider just how much damage a hurricane can do, you’ll want all the protection you can get. Here’s how hurricane proof sliding glass doors and windows help protect your home from storm damage.

Shatter Prevention

One of the key components of any hurricane resistant windows or doors is shatter-proof glass. Any ordinary window that isn’t rated for impact resistance might shatter when faced with hurricane-force winds or flying debris. But thanks to the way hurricane proof windows are fabricated, they’re much more resistant to shattering in the face of extreme weather conditions. This is mostly thanks to laminated glass technology. This type of glass contains two separate pieces of glass. A special layer of resin between those two glass panes makes for a much more stable structure. While a hurricane proof window may crack under extreme pressure, there won’t be any shattered glass in your home for you to worry about.

Strong Frame

It might not be apparent at first glance, but hurricane proof windows and doors are equipped with a strong frame. This is an essential component that contributes to the overall strength of hurricane proof doors and windows. In fact, without an exceptionally strong frame, your windows and doors could suffer some pretty significant damage in the face of a hurricane. Exposure to moisture over time could lead to warping and cracking, which in turn can lead to more water damage and even issues like mold or mildew buildup. The combination of a strong metal frame and weather stripping provides an excellent foundation for your hurricane proof glass. And when you consider how long these products last, those hurricane proof sliding glass doors price tags don’t seem so unreasonable.

Hurricane proof windows and doors are an investment in your property and in your safety. The hurricane proof sliding glass doors price tags might be intimidating at first, but once you realize just how much goes into making sure these products can protect your home, it’s well worth the cost.