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How to Prepare for the 40-year Building Recertification in Florida

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According to the Florida Building Code, all buildings need to be recertified every 40 years to ensure both structural and electrical integrity. Of course, Florida is prone to extreme weather conditions, such as hurricanes, so these inspections are necessary for property owners of all kinds. If you own a property in Florida and you are not prepared for the upcoming 40-year building recertification, follow these simple steps below to get started so you don’t have any worries about passing the inspection.

Replace standard doors with hurricane proof doors

While the specific requirements of your inspection will vary depending on which city and county you own properties in, it is always a good idea to install hurricane glass doors. High impact glass will be able to withstand strong winds that result from tropical storms. This means that the interior of your property will be protected against potential damage in the event of severe weather. Choosing the right hurricane impact doors will also increase your likelihood of passing the 40-year recertification inspection when it rolls around.

Install impact windows

When it comes to structural quality, your windows play an important role. The Florida Building Code (FBC) requires impact windows to be installed if the property is located within one mile of the coast where wind speeds reach 110 mph or greater. One only needs to look at photos or videos of past hurricanes to see the potential damage that can be done to structures that do not have the proper impact windows installed. In addition to making your buildings more legitimate to inspectors, impact windows can also prevent catastrophic damage from wind and flying debris, saving you money and easing your mind in the long run.

When you are gearing up to ready your properties for the upcoming Florida 40-year recertification, it helps to establish a relationship with a trusted windows and doors manufacturer that has local experience with buildings across the Sunshine State. At EGS, we offer high-quality impact windows and hurricane-proof doors to enhance the structural safety of your buildings, increase your property values, and help you pass the next inspection so that you can continue to operate without complications. Get in touch with us today so we can get started on finding the right doors and windows for your properties.