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How To Prepare Your Business for Hurricane Season

Hurricane season poses a significant threat to commercial properties in hurricane regions from June 1st through November 30th each year, according to Sun Sentinel. This is a significant amount of time to leave your property, your customers, and your employees vulnerable to natural disasters. This is why you need to be aware of the options you have during your preventative preparation. Let’s go over some of the long-term solutions necessary for protecting your commercial property from the threat of hurricanes.

Prioritize Impact Glass Products

For Florida businesses, having hurricane proof doors and hurricane proof windows installed is a high priority. Impact resistant windows or doors will ensure that your building is protected from heavy winds, rainfall, floods, and flying debris that come with hurricanes. High impact glass windows and doors that can resist Category 5 hurricanes can save your property from suffering the long-term effects of heavy storms.

The installation of high impact windows and doors means no extra work of configuration is required for an approaching storm. They are designed to protect the structural integrity of the building from high levels of pressure, heavy winds, and debris damage.

Purchase Flood Insurance

For anyone living in a locale vulnerable to hurricanes, flood insurance is vital for severe weather preparations. Flood insurance provides significant financial protection in the event that your property is damaged by a flood, and this coverage makes it possible to recover the state of your property’s belongings, flooring, and walls.

Flood insurance rates vary depending on the property’s elevation, building materials, city, and overall distance to the coast. Be sure you consult what flood zone your business occupies so that you can secure a compatible level of financial support in anticipation of hurricane season.

Make Short-Term Preparations

Flood insurance and hurricane proof doors are examples of long-term preparations, but short-term preparations can go a long way in the event that a hurricane is approaching your area. Storing away valuable items, evacuating employees and customers, securing critical machinery, and having emergency sources of power should all be on your preparation checklist.

For hurricane-prone regions like Florida, it’s vital to invest in long-term preparations to protect your commercial property during and long after devastating storms. If you’re a general contractor looking to install hurricane proof doors and windows capable of providing category 5 hurricane protection, contact us at EGS International today! We’ll help you keep your people and business safe.