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How to Protect Your High Rise Building from Hurricanes

high impact glassHave you ever seen people preparing for hurricane season or the mention of a storm by the ocean? They begin to board up all of their windows and doors to protect them from the raging winds and flying debris. Unfortunately, boards alone don’t do much to protect your building from hurricane-force winds. In fact, roughly 60% of the population in Barbuda was left homeless because of the damage created by hurricane Irma.

But could you imagine living in a building that is made to withstand the force of a hurricane?

High impact glass is made specifically to handle the force of a hurricane. Hurricane proof windows and hurricane proof sliding doors will hold in the midst of a storm making them the most viable option for anyone living in these areas. Avoiding the cost of replacing hundreds of windows and doors could be crucial to your business as a condo building owner.

Living beside the ocean is a dream for many people. The last thing they want to think about is whats going to happen when a storm hits the building they are living in. When a hurricane hits it can destroy entire buildings by busting the glass and sending debris flying into the homes. Keep this dream a reality for people by installing high impact glass in your condominiums. Your building will stay in perfect shape if you take the precautions to install the safest glass available.

Developing a high rise building in a hurricane area is entirely possible and can be very profitable. Most places in hurricane zones are tourist destinations where people buy their retirement homes or summer homes. These people can feel safe in investing in a condo built with the proper high impact glass made to withstand the force of the weather systems that strike these places. Over the years hurricanes have destroyed entire towns High impact windows and doors can help prevent some of that damage.

Alongside hurricane damage, condos in these ocean lined destinations face salt corrosion and hot weather which also causes damage. High impact glass made by Engineered Glass Systems will hold up in any storm saving thousands of dollars in your development properties.