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How’s Sound Proof Glass Effective Against Hurricanes?

It’s important to understand that not all sound proof glass is effective against hurricanes. However, many hurricane-resistant windows offer excellent sound-dampening qualities. The many factors that allow these windows to stand up to high-speed impacts, such as debris thrown by a hurricane, can also go a long way toward blocking sound. Let’s explore why.

A Quick Look at the Basics of Sound

In a sense, sounds are vibrations. When a sound wave hits a surface, such as a glass window, it will cause the material to vibrate. The wave will pass through the glass, causing vibrations on the other side, which produces sound. As the sound wave passes through glass, the material itself will absorb some of the energy. This results in the sound wave being dampened.

A thin piece of standard glass can’t absorb a lot of the sound, however. This means that the sound can pass through quickly, and often noise reduction is minimal. If the sound has to travel through especially thick pieces of glass or multiple panes, this will often result in more of the energy being absorbed.

A Closer Examination of Hurricane Glass

Now that we’ve covered the basics of sound, let’s take a closer look at hurricane-resistant and sound proof glass. Such glass will typically contain two layers of glass bonded together. When something hits the glass, it may shatter, but the bonding will usually hold everything (or almost everything) together. As a result, the window might crack, but there will be little if any debris and the window will largely stay in place.

Hurricane windows can even shrug off debris in strong storms, like Hurricane Irma; it was the most powerful Atlantic hurricane ever recorded, with winds reaching 185 miles per hour, according to The Balance. The bonding materials and two or more layers of glass are also able to absorb more sound as they pass through. This means that less sound will ultimately make its way inside and vice versa. While the main purpose of hurricane glass isn’t sound proofing, these windows can still be highly effective for making a home quieter and more private as well.

Hurricane-resistant windows often feature thick frames and a tight fit. This can also help improve the sound-proofing qualities. Ultimately, hurricane-resistant windows are a great option for many different reasons, and many commercial property owners will find that they are the best choice for their developments and buildings. If you’d like to learn more about hurricane-resistant and sound proof glass, get in touch with EGS Internationa today.


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