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Hurricane Preparedness 101: 5 Frequently Asked Questions

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Hurricanes are devastating and can ruin not only an entire community but entire coasts if the storm is intense enough. Because of the severity of hurricanes, being prepared is the most important thing someone can do who lives in an at-risk area.

From the importance of working with quality high impact glass doors and high impact window manufacturers to knowing when to pack up and get out, hurricane preparedness can protect your home (within reason) and even save your life. Here are some frequently asked questions when it comes to hurricane preparedness:

  • How long does the Atlantic hurricane season last? — The Atlantic hurricane season officially begins on June 1 and runs through the end of November each year. Keep in mind, however, a major storm can occur in the moths before and after this season, as well.
  • What kinds of items should my family stock up on prior to a hurricane? — If you have a few days before the storm hits, get food, first-aid supplies, batteries, and anything else you can acquire. If it’s too late, however, you should at least have a hurricane preparedness kit with some of those items (especially first-aid items) inside your home.
  • How strong can a hurricane’s winds get? — Last year’s Hurricane Irma was actually the most powerful Atlantic hurricane ever recorded. It was a Category 5 storm with 37 straight hours of wind speeds reaching 185 miles per hour. Because of these intense winds, high impact windows and doors are imperative for any structure located in the path of a hurricane. Keep in mind, the Florida Building Code (FBC) requires windows to be impact-resistant if located within a single mile of the coast (where wind speeds can be 110 mph or greater). Be sure to consult with high impact window manufacturers when having a home built or your windows replaced.
  • Are we safe immediately after the hurricane has left? — No, because structural damage can still be occurring and falling beams and debris can still cause serious injury. Additionally, hurricanes often spawn tornadoes a few days after a hurricane’s landfall. Make sure you’re checking with your local weather alert system before you go back to your day-to-day life.
  • When should we leave the area? — Though packing up and leaving your home is the hardest thing in the world to do, in order to keep your family safe, you need to do it the minute you are advised to. Keep an eye on weather alerts year-round and evacuate as soon as you are directed to do so.

If you want to learn more about preparing for upcoming major storms or find quality impact window manufacturers in Florida, give Engineering Glass Systems a call right away. Good luck and stay safe out there!