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Hurricane Preparedness: 4 Tips to Protect Your Family and Property

hurricane glass doors

If you live in a part of the world that even has the potential to be struck by a hurricane, you need to be fully prepared at all times. Though the majority of these dangerous storms occur during hurricane season (June through November), there are always anomalies. Even when the weather is nice, a damaging storm could potentially be right around the corner.

Being prepared for a major storm can help you and your family not only preserve your home and valuable items, but can even save your lives. Here are some tips to improve your family’s overall hurricane preparedness:

    • Check your hurricane preparedness kit — Step number one when it comes to preparing for hurricanes is to have a kit ready to go. But you can’t just acquire all the important items and ignore it until a storm actually hits. You should be making sure that no one grabbed any of those items for any reason and that everything inside your kit is updated.
    • Alert your family members — When you get word that a hurricane is approaching your area, it’s best to contact your family members and let them know your current situation and your plan. If the storm is severe enough and you have to relocate, let them know where you’re going and when you should be arriving.
    • Install high impact windows and doors — If you live in Florida, you can’t just go with any run of the mill window and door system, you need hurricane glass doors and windows. In order to keep your family safe when strong hurricane-force winds reach your property, you need hurricane proof doors and windows. By consulting with organizations that manufacture hurricane glass doors and windows, you’ll be able to outline your home and be fully prepared for an oncoming storm.
  • Be prepared for after the hurricane, as well — Though the hurricane is certainly the most dangerous aspect, there are plenty of dangers in the hours and even days that follow. Hurricanes often spawn tornadoes after they reach land. For example, 1992’s Hurricane Andrew spawned 62 tornadoes. You and your family need to lookout for these smaller storms after the hurricane passes and be aware of potentially dangerous debris.

Make sure you and your family are as prepared as possible for any upcoming dangerous storm. If you want to learn more about hurricane preparedness and contact experienced hurricane glass doors and window manufacturers in Florida, give Engineering Glass Systems a call right away.