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Hurricane safety tips for condominium building owners

Living in a condo comes with several benefits. They also come with several challenges when protecting yourself during a hurricane. These are some of the most potent natural disasters we face. For example, according to The Balance, Hurricane Irma held an impressive seven kilowatts of energy. That’s the same as double the amount of energy in all the bombs used in World War II. Follow these tips and tricks to protect your rental property and your tenants.

Invest in Impact Glass Doors

Impact glass doors are one of the best ways to protect your residents. These doors are specially designed to withstand heavy winds without breaking. They are less likely to break, ensuring those renting your condos aren’t injured by the broken glass. On top of that, they are designed to make the air pressure equal. This feature helps prevent them from flying out of the frame.

Reinforce Windows

Windows are another hazard during hurricane season. Invest in impact-resistant windows specially designed for hurricanes to prevent them from breaking. Window film is another excellent option. Impact-resistant film is placed on the inside of the window so if it breaks, the glass doesn’t go into the home.

Create a Hurricane Plan

After securing your condos with impact glass doors and reinforced windows, you must ensure you have a plan for hurricanes. Ensure everyone in your building understands what to do when a hurricane comes through. Doing so can ensure all of the residents will stay safe on your property. Also, having this set and telling new tenants is essential.

Stay Informed

As an owner of a condo association, it’s important to stay updated on the latest weather news. Doing so can help you know that a dangerous hurricane is headed for your condo building. It’s also a great way to access other resources, so you and your tenants are prepared.

Protecting your condos is the best way to protect the residents renting from you during a hurricane. We specialize in impact glass doors to help prevent doors from breaking during extreme weather conditions. Contact our dependable team to learn more about the benefits of our products today. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have before you make this big investment in your property.


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