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Impact Resistant Glass Doors and Windows: Things You Need to Know

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Hurricanes are a pretty common phenomenon in coastal areas like Florida. For this reason, most potential homeowners prefer properties with hurricane resistant windows and glass doors. Hurricane season, which usually runs between June and November each year, is in full swing. And if you’re keen on getting some hurricane resistant glass windows in the wake of Hurricane Dorian, here are a few things you might want to know first.

Can I find custom designs for impact resistant windows?

Window manufacturers are capable of creating various custom windows. Of course, the best option for most Florida residents is high-performance fixed windows. High-performance glass sliding doors are also a great design choice because they look just as good and serve their purpose well. In fact, after a hurricane in St. Croix that destroyed many buildings in the area, only the hurricane resistant glass doors and windows from reputable companies such as Engineered Glass Systems were left intact.

Are impact resistant windows as effective as hurricane shutters?

A lot of contractors would want to ditch hurricane shutters for impact-resistant windows. Even realtors are most likely to prefer windows over shutters because of their aesthetic value and the fact that windows let a lot of light inside the house. If you install hurricane-proof windows, you won’t need to have hurricane shutters on your property too. Impact resistant glass doors and windows work just as well as hurricane shutters, if not better. Hurricane-proof window manufacturers test these windows on their ability to withstand high impact from hurricane debris or attempted break-ins.

What do I need to know about U and R values?

Most contractors are acquainted with U values and R values when it comes to windows, but the same may not be true when it comes to real estate developers. R values designate the heat resistance of a specified window. The higher the R value, the greater the resistance to the flow of heat. The U value, on the other hand, designates the amount of heat that can transfer through a material. A lower U value means a window has better insulation capability.

What are the most important factors to consider when choosing windows?

Aesthetics aside, quality and performance are the most important factors when considering impact-resistant windows. Regulatory bodies test windows for impact resistance and certify the windows as safe and impact resistant.

If you’re in the market for some wholesale hurricane resistant windows, then quality, functionality, and performance are what to look for in your final purchase. Remember, most Florida locals understand the importance of hurricane-proof windows and doors for their homes, and will greatly impact their overall decision on where they choose to call home.