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Structural Protection: Importance of Impact Resistant Hurricane Windows And Doors

impact resistant hurricane windows and doors

Hurricane Irma was the most powerful Atlantic hurricane in recorded history. Irma, a Category 5 storm, brought with it 185 mile per hour winds for 37 hours straight. That kind of wind speed for that long can wreak havoc across communities, completely everything in its path — especially buildings and homes.

The only way to prevent these incredibly powerful storms from damaging and shattering through your a residential or commercial structure is to have impact resistant hurricane windows and doors installed.

Window and door systems need to have an impact-resistant glazing system of at least plus 105 and minus 130 in order to withstand hurricane force winds of around 100 miles per hour. Of course, wind speeds nearing 200 miles per hour can be virtually impossible to protect, but quality hurricane proof windows and doors resistant to category 5 hurricanes and are necessary to at least provide a structure with at least a chance of protection during a massive storm.

Sliding glass doors, for instance, are found inside hotels and commercial businesses across the country. For areas in the path of hurricanes like Florida, these impact glass doors are the first and final aspect of protection during a powerful storm. For these doors, all mounting bolts are covered with aluminum color-matching plugs. They can even look great, too, and come in multiple styles; but protection is their main purpose. For strength and durability, these glass doors are used with a PVB laminate layer that takes advantage of the most up-to-date and innovative forms of hurricane technology.

Whether you’re attempting to protect a condo, high rise, or any other type of structure, impact resistant hurricane windows and doors are imperative for maintaining a building’s structural integrity — as well as safety.

Working with high impact door and window manufacturers in Florida is a great way to keep your family, your home, your building, and your employees safe during a dangerous and powerful storm. If you want to learn more about keeping your home safe during a major storm and find quality impact resistant hurricane windows and doors, give Engineering Glass Systems a call right away.