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The Dangers of Having Regular Glass Windows in a Hurricane-Prone Area

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Hurricanes are devastating forces of nature. For example, Hurricane Irma cut a wide swath through Barbuda, damaging 90% of the buildings there, making 60% of the population homeless, according to one study. After this, homeowners in hurricane-prone areas of the world are eager to protect their homes. One of several options is hurricane-proof windows. So what makes regular glass windows dangerous in a hurricane?

The Types of Window Glass

Windows have designations for how much wind they can withstand. Regular glass windows have a designation of DP 15, which means that they can withstand winds of up to 77 mph before it caves in and shatters. That’s roughly a Tropical Storm/ Category 1 hurricane. On the other hand, if it has DP 50, it can withstand winds of up to 173 mph, which is faster than a Category 5 hurricane, which you have to hope the rest of your home was built to withstand, too. Want protection? One way to do that is to search “window companies near me” and find one that offers hurricane-proof windows.

You Could Be Badly Hurt

When the glass of a regular window shatters due to the wind of a hurricane, it can cause the shards to become flying projectiles. You don’t want to be near the window when that happens, otherwise, you could be badly hurt – and it’s going to be hard to go get medical care while you’re in the midst of high winds and rains. Stay away from the windows and protect yourself afterward with better windows.

Protect Yourself

The best way to protect yourself is to board up your windows when a hurricane is approaching. That will help prevent any glass from breaking due to the winds or flying debris. Having high-impact windows with a DP 50 rating can help, but it’s still glass, so it could break. If you have specific questions, you could always do a search for “window companies near me,” and talk to an expert who would give you the wisest advice.

Hurricanes are scary things, but a lot of places are built to withstand them. Your best bet is to either evacuate after boarding your place and going to a shelter. With strong windows, though, you have a better chance of not reducing damage to your home and family.

Are you looking for a reliable window company that offers hurricane-proof windows? That’s us! Protecting your home starts with a single search: “window companies near me.” Contact us today!