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The Materials of High Impact Glass

high impact glass

What we know as high impact glass is a specialized type of glass that is designed to be more durable and resistant to damage than traditional material. This type of glass is commonly used in commercial and residential applications where safety and security are a top priority. It is also used for storms, including hurricanes. According to The Balance, Hurricane Irma damaged 90% of the buildings on Barbuda, leaving 60% of the population homeless. Hurricane glass could have helped to protect against this. Read on to learn more about the materials that make high impact glass a popular choice for building construction and renovation projects.


Tempered glass is one of the primary materials used to create this type of impact product. It is made by heating regular glass to a very high temperature and then rapidly cooling it. This process makes the material more durable and resistant to breaking. When tempered glass does break, it shatters into small, rounded pieces rather than sharp, jagged shards. This makes it safer for people who may be in close proximity to windows of this particular type.


Laminated glass is another important material used to create high impact glass. It is made by sandwiching a layer of plastic between two or more layers of glass. This process creates a strong and durable barrier that is resistant to shattering. Laminated glass is commonly used in automotive windshields, but it is also a popular choice for commercial and residential windows.


Coated glass is a type of high impact glass that has a thin layer of film applied to its surface. This film is designed to make the product more durable and resistant to damage from impact, scratches, and other types of wear and tear. Coated glass can also be designed to be more energy-efficient, reducing heat transfer and helping to lower energy costs.

High impact glass is an essential component for building construction and renovation projects that prioritize safety and security. The combination of tempered, laminated, and coated glass creates a durable and strong material that is resistant to damage and breakage. By choosing this type of product for your building or renovation project, you can improve safety, increase energy efficiency, and enhance the overall appearance of your property. If you are interested in learning more about this material and if it would work for your project, reach out to EGS International to learn more today.