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The Role of Sliding Glass Door Systems in Hurricane-Prone Florida

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The 20th century was one of the most hurricane-hit periods in the United States—especially in the states of Florida and Texas. Of the 158 hurricanes that struck the U.S., 57 and 27 hit Florida and Texas respectively. Extreme weather has remained to be a norm in these states with weather forecasts warning residents to remain vigilant of impending hurricanes.

As a real estate developer, you are already aware of what hurricane can bring: devastating destruction of any kind of property. Sliding glass door systems are your best bet in preventing property destruction this fall. Here are some of the reasons why you should install sliding glass door systems in your structure.

1. Hurricane Resistant

Hurricane sliding doors are hurricane resistant, which means that you will not be required to buy new doors after the hurricane strikes. As a real estate investor, you are dealing with hundreds of properties and any hurricane damage will hit you hard financially. However, with hurricane proof sliding glass doors, even category five hurricanes will not destroy your doors. This investment will enable you to save money that you can use in other development projects.

2. High-Quality Doors

Sliding glass door systems are not your standard glass doors that are available in the nearby store. They’re luxury sliding glass doors that don’t only show class but elegance. You will not only be shielding your property against hurricane destruction by using sliding glass door systems but showing class as well. Florida is a luxurious state, so you should try to make your condo units luxurious by using high-quality glass doors.

3. High Impact Glass Doors

Hurricanes should give you a hint of the types of doors you should use throughout your properties. It is important to pay attention to physical impact. A hurricane might not have a direct impact on your glass doors but can still damage other parts of your house. The force from high-impact waves may shatter the glass of the door frame. However, with high impact windows and doors, you will not see your property’s windows break because glass and frame will remain intact.

4. Durable Sliding Doors

Inspections happen every year where technicians from local authorities check the sturdiness of windows and doors. The primary role of inspection is to make sure that people living in Florida have sliding glass door systems that can withstand hurricanes and other natural forces. Homeowners have been forced to replace their doors after failed checks. However, with durable and hurricane resistant glass doors, inspectors will give you a clean bill of health.

5. Increase Resale Value

Any Miami property with glass doors attracts a higher resale value than a property with standard glass doors. Therefore, if you are building a huge estate where you want to sell properties to residential home buyers, using hurricane doors in Miami will give you extra dollars. People have already seen what hurricanes can do and are not willing to expose their properties and families to the destructive forces of nature. They will pay anything to see their families under the shield of hurricane impact sliding glass doors.

6. Locally Manufactured

Glass door companies in Miami, Florida have positioned themselves as the leading manufacturers of sliding glass door systems around the country. You will be using doors and windows that are locally designed and produced. Therefore, all the necessary sliding door manufacturing standards from the local construction authorities have been met.

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