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Top Benefits of Choosing Hurricane-Proof Windows For Your Next Residential Development

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Developers have several window options to choose from when designing a residential property. However, several key features make working with a hurricane window manufacturer the best idea.

More Hurricanes

We see more hurricanes than ever before. According to experts, 2017 had an astounding 10 storms in a row that transformed into hurricanes, something we haven’t seen since 1893. As more hurricanes are seen yearly, more potential buyers are interested in buying residential properties already designed to withstand the harsh weather that comes with storms.

Property Value

Hurricane Windows offers an exceptional return on investment. Modern windows from a hurricane window manufacturer offer energy efficiency, something many potential buyers look for in a home. They also provide enhanced security for homeowners, further helping increase property value.

Aesthetic Appeal

Visual appeal is always essential in residential developments. Potential buyers want to purchase homes that reflect their style. Hurricane windows are available in various designs to ensure they complement the architectural style of your next development project. This provides a cohesive feeling that buyers will adore.

Noise Reduction

Hurricane-proof windows are a sound barrier for residents, making them an exceptional choice for high-rise buildings in busy areas. Tenants will be happy they can drown out the noise from outside to focus on work or relaxation. When tenants are satisfied with their rental, they’re more likely to stay for years. This makes them an exceptional choice if you rent out your subsequent development instead of selling the property.

Insurance Premiums

Insurance companies adore property owners who strive to protect their property because they don’t have to pay as much for repairs. This is particularly true in areas prone to hurricanes and other natural disasters. Often, specific companies offer lower insurance premiums for properties with certain safety measures, like hurricane windows and doors.

Long-Term Savings

If you plan on selling your subsequent development, this might not seem important, but it is. You can use the long-term benefits of these windows to help sell your residential property faster. These windows are durable, ensuring owners won’t have to pay the high window replacement cost. They’re also energy efficient, helping reduce energy usage and high utility bills.

As a hurricane window manufacturer, we understand the importance of high-quality windows offering an excellent return on investment. Our professional salespeople will work with you to help you find the perfect windows for your project. Contact EGS International when you’re ready to discuss the details.


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