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What Are the Benefits of Luxury Sliding Glass Doors?

luxury sliding glass doors

According to The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), of the 158 hurricanes that made landfall in the United States in the twentieth century, 57 of them hit Florida, with Texas coming in second place for most hurricanes at 26. In Florida and Texas and other hurricane-prone states, you will need not just the best luxury sliding glass doors, but ones that can stand up to anything the wind will stand up to.

You need high-performance sliding doors for your balcony, patio, or beachfront property to look great and stand up to anything that Florida’s weather can throw at you. Salt erosion, high winds, and heavy rains can be some of the harshest conditions any window can stand up to.

Protection and a Great First Impression

Featuring impact-resistant glass, aircraft aluminum frames, and laminate glass for ultimate protection from weather-driven objects and human intruders. Luxury sliding glass doors prove that you don’t have to sacrifice beauty for strength and create a lasting impression for your guests. These doors are the perfect weather beater for hurricane season and look great all year round.

Look Amazing with Sliding Glass Doors

Your doors are the first impression that guests have of your home when they arrive and the last impression they have when they leave. Make sure it’s a good impression with luxury sliding glass doors that show off the good looks of the interior of your home. These products also open your interior space like nothing else. With your glass door, the inside and outside of your home can be equally important. Sliding the door out of the way will allow you to combine your patio and dining room to create a single entertaining space to delight your guests.

Save On Your Insurance Costs

With insurance costs going up in the southern states every year, you need security to make sure that your home’s glass is up to the task of protecting your interiors. Your insurers are happy to see that you’ve taken steps to protect your home and secure, weather-resistant glass is one of the biggest steps you can take.

When you live in a storm-prone area, planning is an essential step for making sure that your home stays safe and protected all year. Your luxury sliding glass doors are a crucial part of your home weather protection plans. To learn how our products can provide you with these same benefits, contact us at EGS International today!