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What to Know About Condominium Inspection in Florida

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According to area property owners, Florida condominium building owners must complete a public inspection every 40 years. However, inspections must happen every 10 years if a building is more than 30 years old. The new mandate was passed in 2022, but in 2023, there are more questions than answers for building owners. Regardless of the age of your building, or the need for clarity over changes to inspection requirements, we recommend working with the best window manufacturers available. Continue reading as we delve a bit deeper into the current building inspection requirements that are now in place.

New Milestone Inspections Must Be Completed by December 2024

Because of the new laws, which are stricter than those previous, a new “milestone” inspection has to be completed by the end of next year. If you are required to undergo such an inspection, getting it scheduled sooner than later is important, as qualified inspectors are likely to be overbooked and in high demand.

Inspections Must Be Conducted by a Licensed Engineer or Architect

The new structural inspections that are now required must be done by an engineer or architect licensed in the state of Florida. The first step is to reach out to your local city, county, or municipality. A survey needs to be completed that includes information like the address of the building, its age, and the number of floors that it has. Once this survey is complete, the relevant department will contact you with more information.

Benefits of Working With the Best Window Manufacturers

As a property owner in Florida, you are well aware of the requirements surrounding the structure of buildings and windows. For developers and property owners who want to do things right, impact-resistant windows, up to Category 5 Hurricane winds are a smart move. The necessary investment for these types of windows will likely pay dividends. Impact-resistance windows can also attract unit buyers to your buildings because they make them a safer place to live. Now is an ideal time to learn more.

Are you a condo building owner or another real estate developer or investor? If so, you understand the importance of buying from the best window manufacturers for your property. Contact EGS International today to learn more about our products and services.