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Why It’s Important to Install Hurricane Resistant Doors and Windows

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When 70 MPH winds are prevalent in South Florida, windows and doors that resist the impact caused by disastrous weather conditions are crucial. You want the best window manufacturers to provide you with a quality product to protect against the ravages of hurricanes. A team of qualified technicians will provide high impact glass windows and impact sliding doors for your project. Whether it be a condo or housing development, ensure that your provider has the quality products to see a return on this important investment.

Qualified Crews Provide Superior Product

You should find a crew of professionals who offer shorter manufacturing times, to ensure your team will stay within budget, and deliver a job by specific deadlines. In Florida, hurricane protection is paramount. Find products that are above the standard hurricane impact sliding doors and windows. Oceanside buildings can become damaged easily, become corroded, and incur water damage wear and tear. Quality windows can resist these ravages, and endure for years to come. There are window manufacturers in Florida who have been in business for more than 30 years, who make all products, impact sliding doors, domestically and can help you know what to look for in hurricane proof windows.

Service to Hurricane-Ravaged Areas

Window manufacturers in Flordia sells to the Caribbean, as well the Dominican Republic. Because of the Florida location, these companies are in a prime spot to provide service to these areas. In 2017, Hurricane Maria struck Dominica, bringing winds of up to 160 miles an hour. More than 90 percent of buildings and roofs were damaged or destroyed. Power lines and some of the oldest forest trees were brought down. Those who are searching for providers to assist with repairs from a previous round of hurricanes can rely on these window manufacturing companies to provide them with expert service and quality products.

High Performing Windows and Doors

A hurricane can unload more than 2.4 trillion gallons of rain on an area in a day, as well as move millions of miles or air. This can cause untold damage to buildings. Protective interior and exterior glass protection is key for the ultimate safety of businesses. The benefits of quality sliding glass door systems and impact-resistant windows are extensive. Optimum performance, as well as safety and integrity, are the highest priorities when selecting impact sliding doors and windows. For building professionals, locating a manufacturer that complies with the highest industry standards, as well as uses superior materials, is the goal.

Quality Impact Sliding Doors and Condo Inspection

Condos need an inspection every 40 years. In most cases, the windows and doors need to be replaced. Constructing outstanding buildings combines excellent craftsmanship, as well as superior architecture. Skilled window and door manufacturers will ensure you have the prime choice and offer frame choice, tinted glass for optimum energy conservation, a variety of sill heights, and a complete manufacturer’s warranty. These manufacturers will ensure the job is done correctly, with no damage or rework. Thus, saving valuable time, as well as money.

Hurricane Damage in Florida

Hurricane Irma struck in 2017, reaching Category 5. It was the costliest storm to date in Florida. Victims of the hurricane received assistance to help repair the damage. The Small Business Association approved more than $1 billion in disaster assistance loans. Temporary roofs were installed by the Army Corps of Engineers. Since hurricanes are such a fact of life in Florida, impact sliding doors and window manufacturers in Miami, Florida, can help prepare for the upcoming hurricane season. On St. Croix in the Virgin Islands, buildings were completely destroyed by lethal hurricane winds, except for those with specially engineered glass. The installation of high caliber impact sliding doors and windows can significantly reduce the damage incurred to a building during a powerful hurricane and will offer ultimate protection.

The Weather Company released a statement for the upcoming Atlantic hurricane season. It was predicted that at least 14 storms will occur beginning in June through Nov. 30. Three of those storms will be major hurricanes. The installation of hurricane-resistant impact sliding doors and windows is not only necessary, it’s crucial for the upcoming months.