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Your Guide To Soundproof Sliding Glass Doors

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When you bought your Florida home, one of the perks was the gorgeous landscape surrounding it. However, noisy traffic or construction is putting a damper on your enjoyment. By purchasing a set of soundproof glass doors from a sliding glass door manufacturer, you’ll be able to enjoy a beautiful view while getting some peace and quiet at the same time. Here’s your guide to soundproof sliding glass doors.

What Are Soundproof Sliding Glass Doors?

Soundproof sliding glass doors are noise-canceling structures that can either be installed or added to your existing sliding glass door systems. They provide a 75% reduction in noise. Plus, they also offer greater security against thieves with strong laminated glass that doesn’t break easily. The doors you purchase from a sliding glass door manufacturer in Florida have an impact-resistant glazing system of 105/-130 to be able to take the brunt of 100 MPH or more hurricane winds. Look for doors that have a high Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating to get the best noise reduction possible.

Types Of Soundproof Sliding Glass Doors

There is a wide selection of different types of soundproof sliding glass doors that you can choose from. The impact sliding glass doors you choose from a sliding glass door manufacturer will depend highly on your personal budget and style. Patio sliding glass doors feature one fixed panel with a slider door. Double glazed sliding glass doors feature two layers of thick glass with insulation that traps air between them. Laminated glass sliding doors feature a layer of plastic tucked inside two thick glass panes.

A highly popular option is sliding French doors. These elegant doors open and close just like traditional doors. The soundproofing panels are mounted on the inside to keep them inconspicuous while still providing excellent noise reduction for your home.

Additional Soundproofing Methods

If you already own impact-resistant sliding glass doors, there are additional methods you can use to soundproof them. You can use noise blocking curtains that will not only block noise but help you save on energy costs as well. Another method is to install a fiberglass blanket over your doors using poles or hooks. Using a thick winter blanket can be somewhat helpful as a temporary solution, but may not drown out as much noise as you’d like. The last suggested method is to make sure that all the gaps are completely sealed off with weatherstripping tape.

Soundproof sliding glass doors are an excellent choice for any Florida home. You can enjoy your beautiful view while being protected from the weather, noise, and potential burglars. Visit your local sliding glass door manufacturer today to find the best option for your home.