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For over 35 years, EGS International LLC has dedicated and focused our engineering, design and manufacturing expertise on the Florida condominium and high-rise community.

We build relationships that assist our clients with their building endeavors. Our dealers and installers help you to navigate and clearly provide solutions for condominium and high-rise building projects for board members to property managers to structural engineers.

Excellent Design Elements for HP SGD and Windows Are Built Into Our Products

Excellent design elements are centered on safety, durability, energy efficiency, aesthetics, and longevity. They support installation and incorporate materials that can withstand multiple storm events without permanent damage to the frame and with ease of maintenance and repair. Our products are:

  • Able to withstand multiple storm events
  • Simple operation
  • Greater water resistance (sill riser design) and greater air infiltration resistance (frame fit)
  • Greater structural strength (mil thickness of Aluminium) and structural DP resistance
  • Missile impact resistance (LMI +105/-130; SMI +130/-130)
  • More durable finishes
  • Higher OITC Rating .39-.42 (STC/OITC Avg.)
  • Durable operating hardware with luxury upgrades available
  • Sound reduction with impact glass
  • Better energy value
  • Sustainable warranties and lower insurance cost. Impact glass appreciates property value.

EGS International LLC Understands and Respects the Skin That You’re In

The hurricane proof sliding glass door acts in conjunction with other building materials as the primary skin of the building envelope and is the only line of defense from the elements. The wind, water, and debris picked up during a severe storm or hurricane can create dangerous missiles. HP SGDs and windows protect against these events.

Design Trends

Superior design is timeless, yet it builds upon innovation. Here are trends that we are excited about incorporating into condominiums and high-rises.

  • New Designs (appliques, muntins, thin profiles)
  • Higher Standards for Weathering Resistance (HVHZ, Thermal, OITC, CRF)


We participate with banks and private/government industry to provide customized programs enabling assessment, individual, and association financing, including Florida Pace Programs and Alliance NRG.


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