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Everything You Should Know About Impact-Resistant Glass

impact windows or shutters

Today there is less chance of harm from storms and hurricanes due to impact-resistant, or IR, glass. Impact windows or shutters can help keep homes a little safer from shattered glass fragments. Here’s what you will want to know about IR glass and impact windows.

What Is Impact-Resistant Glass?

Did you know that, according to our sources, windows and door systems that have an IR glazing of +105/-130 can stand safe against more than 100MPH hurricane force winds? That’s what the impact in impact-resistant glass stands for. Not only for storms, but IR glass also helps against noise and against wind debris. It’s a laminated glass that may feature a protective film designed to help against damage.

Three Types of IR Glass

There are three types of impact-resistant glass; monolithic, high-performance, and high-performance tempered. Monolithic IR glass has a laminate layer in between two glass panes. High-performance IR glass has the same set up as monolithic but adds insulating airspace. High-performance tempered glass is the same as high-performance, but the exterior glass pane is tempered for more durability and strength. All three are rated to help homes and businesses withstand trauma to glass panes.

Benefits of Impact Windows and Shutters

There are several reasons to use IR glass and have impact-resistant windows and shutters, such as the added security and safety that burglars can’t break your windows. There is the benefit that there is less traffic and outside noise that can seep in. It also offers wonderful UV ray protection and blocks nearly 100% of rays that could come through the window, which can help keep your family safe and your furniture from aging as fast. Lastly, there is also the benefit that installing IR impact windows and shutters could add value to the home while also lowering your insurance premium. Always check to see if there is a tax write-off or insurance premium reduction for choosing these safety features, it can help offset some of the cost of installation.

If you’d like to talk to the experts about impact windows or shutters, we’re here for you. We can help answer your questions and show you the latest technology for homes in the area. Give our office a call or stop by and see us today.