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Impact Windows Vs Hurricane Shutters: What is Better?

Impact Windows Vs Hurricane Shutters: What Is Better?

When you live in the Coastal regions, nothing is more crucial than making sure your home, family, and pets are guarded against strong winds and debris. And your home’s safety (as well as your own) heavily depends on the planning you make to guarantee it can withstand these critical storms.

In the path of a hurricane, you want the tranquility of knowing that you have made every effort to protect your prized possession from the threats of powerful storms. But hurricane protection is a substantial business, and there’s a variety of options.

For example, hurricane shutters and hurricane proof windows are two of the most popular hurricane protection products on the market, and although both offer protection against forceful hurricane winds, one has an edge over the other.

So how can you determine which option is right for your home? Read on to find out!

Hurricane shutters: Pros and Cons

Hurricane shutters are designed to protect your windows when severe storms bring in high-strong winds. They are installed over glass windows in order to shield them from getting damaged by flying debris.

It’s important to keep in mind that although hurricane shutters can be used over any regular glass, it is best to install them specifically over impact glass to ensure 100% protection from tropical storms.


  • Reliability: Many people appreciate shutters due to their reliability. They can usually be installed easily, but you must remember that they must be fastened properly according to your building.
  • Different Styles: Unlike impact windows, hurricane shutters come in different styles to fit your homes style, budget, and needs. They can also be retrofitted and installed over existing windows.
  • Cheap: Depending on the type of shutters that you’re looking for, they may cost as little as $8 per square foot. More decorative and high-end styles such as roll-down shutters or Colonial shutters may cost $30 or more. Shutters are a cheaper option for older buildings until you’re able to afford a more permanent solution.
  • Easily Removed:  Most types of hurricane shutters can easily be removed whenever they aren’t needed in order to avoid changing the style of your building.



  • Hard to Handle: When purchasing hurricane shutters, you must consider they can be hard to handle (usually requires at least two people) and how long it will take to prepare your home every time there’s a storm. Although roll-down shutters can be put in place with the push of a button, other hurricane shutters require a minimum of 1 hour to arrange the entire home.
  • Can’t Be Installed Immediately: If you’re away on vacation, hurricane shutters can’t be installed, thus putting your home in danger. But with impact-resisting windows, you can keep relaxing while away, knowing these windows are always there and ready to take on tropical storms.
  • Little Protection Against Noise: Unlike impact resisting windows, shutters do not ensure much protection against noises. You’ll spend experiencing a hurricane feeling like you have a group of trains passing right by your windows.
  • Lock You Up: Installing shutters have you locked you up inside your house without letting in much light. It might also take quite the effort to open them if you need to get out through a sliding door or window.

Impact Resisting Windows: Pros and Cons 

Much like auto safety glass, hurricane impact windows are designed to offer great protection against tropical storm damage. They offer noise reduction, resistance against intruders and catastrophic weather events, and uninterrupted shutterless views. Providing durability, beauty, and 99% UV ray protection, these windows are made with laminated glass that won’t break into pieces due to impact.


  • Best Protection: Even if your window is smacked with a piece of metal- if you have hurricane impact windows- your home’s envelope will stay intact. Otherwise, an impact can cause the air pressure to expand and allow other windows, walls or roof to give way.
  • Ensure Safety: Impact glass windows act as a major barrier between you and intruders. Anyone trying to peek into your home secretly will first have to break the impact glass windows and trust us, that won’t come easily to any trespasser.
  • Better Than Regular Glass: Compared to normal glass, impact-resisting glass has the capacity to resist tropical storm winds blowing up to 200mph!
  • Easily Installed: Although impact resisting windows are more expensive compared to hurricane shutters, they can be installed on their own without having shutters over them.
  • Significant Financial Benefits: Installation of impact windows increase the value of your property and pay back in many other ways. Hurricane resisting windows can give you a great return on investment whether you sell or refinance your home in the near future.


  • Initial Investment: The biggest con of installing hurricane impact resisting windows in your house is the significant expense. And although the glass will most likely last for a long period with only minimal maintenance, the initial investment is worth more compared to other window protection options for your home.
  • Replacing your windows: Unlike hurricane shutters, hurricane impact windows don’t fit over your existing windows. These impact resisting windows are designed to replace your windows with powerful glass and window frames that withstand gale force winds and projectiles.

Which One Should You Choose? 

If you have older or non-impact windows, strong winds from tropical storms can still shatter your glass while having hurricane shutters installed. Hurricane shutters don’t offer the best protection against debris and high winds. So if you are looking for the ultimate in storm protection, you can’t go wrong with hurricane impact resisting windows which will give your home the perfect protection against flying debris, strong winds, and other perils.