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How do impact windows compare to hurricane shutters?

Summertime calls for warm weather, barbecues, and vacations. For certain states, this season is also known as a segway into hurricane season. Therefore, if you live in a state like Florida, or anywhere off along the coast, you need protective features on your property. To protect your residence from the impact of hurricane storms, you may want to choose between impact windows and hurricane shutters. When you compare impact windows to hurricane shutters, here are the results.

Protection Capabilities

Both hurricane shutters and impact windows offer significant hurricane and heavy storm protection, but both require different levels of maintenance. Window products should be appropriately cleaned with the right glass products. Hurricane-resistant shutters, however, involve washing and lubrication to ensure they function well.

General Protection

According to Vox, as much as 2.4 trillion gallons of rain and millions of miles of air dump in an area dealing with a single hurricane. Shutters mostly shield your residence from debris impact. Impact windows are mostly for shatterproof protection. Your impact windows may have a more preferable protective quality; 99% UV ray protection. This particular feature conserves energy efficiency by blocking UV rays and keeping your building cooler. They can also protect you from noise pollution, so if you live in a noisy neighborhood, you can still get peaceful sleep throughout the year.


When you compare impact windows to hurricane shutters, it’s crucial to identify what you need out of your hurricane-resistant products. Though impact windows reinforce the glass, shutters prevent debris and other exterior elements from reaching your windows in the first place. Shutters are also an affordable, more convenient option for property owners who want to add hurricane protection solutions to their buildings without installing brand-new fixtures.


When you get a storm warning, you must deploy your shutters in time. You may use a motorized or manual mechanism to do so. However, after installing impact windows, you don’t have to do anything. After all, your protection is already installed, so you can sit back and let the windows do their job of protecting your property.

As you compare impact windows to hurricane shutters, determine which protective qualities of your options stand out the most. Contact EGS International for high-quality and durable windows and shutters for your residence.