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How Hurricane Proof Doors and Windows Can Protect Your Hotel or Other Commercial Property

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Tropical storms commonly occur along the Gulf Coast, throughout the Atlantic States, and along the West Coast. Those storms are capable of causing extensive damage due to very high winds and tidal surges. According to the National Hurricane Center, Hurricane Katrina was a category 5 storm whose wind speeds measured 174 mph when it made landfall near New Orleans in 2005. Even such very high winds are no match for hurricane-proof doors and windows from a quality hurricane-proof door and window supply company. Here’s how hurricane doors and windows can protect your hotel or another commercial property.

Protect Against Wind Damage

High winds make hurricanes and tropical storms especially destructive and cause most of the damage when one makes landfall. Common windows typically break when struck by sustained high winds, which enables just about anything to enter the property. Doors also commonly fail in high winds, but not hurricane doors or windows. They are designed to withstand the very strong winds produced by tropical storms and minimize property damage.

Resist Damage From Flying Objects

High winds often carry relatively heavy objects that could decimate common doors and windows. A broken tree branch, flying chair, or large hailstones could smash through a window or door very easily. Having hurricane doors and windows from our extreme weather-resistant hotel door supply helps prevent damage from flying objects that occur during tropical storms and especially hurricanes.

Keep Floodwaters Outside

Tropical storms produce tidal surges that can decimate properties and destroy them with external flooding. Installing hurricane doors and windows helps to protect hotels and other commercial properties against flooding by creating an effective seal that won’t let water rush in and flood the interior. Instead, the water follows the path of least resistance and flows away from the hurricane doors and windows instead of through them and into commercial properties. Feel free to let our team of experts know about the type of commercial property you own.

If you’re looking to ensure the protection of your commercial property’s doors and windows, get in touch with EGS International today! We have a range of hurricane-proof doors and windows available to browse and be implemented by our team of professionals. We look forward to speaking with you and learning more about how our hotel door supply of high-impact products can help.