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Navigating the Roles of Board Members in a Condo Association

For 30 years, our team at EGS International has provided hurricane-proof windows, condominiums, and high-rise windows and doors solutions to Condo Associations for their high-rise residential and commercial building projects.

Throughout this time, we’ve earned a reputation for durability and aesthetics, created strong relationships with board members as well as had the chance to know the importance of every member in the board. Here is an easy guide to help you navigate the roles in a condo association.

1) Board President

The president is the one responsible for the overall success of the community. He/she has an important role and should therefore be played out by someone with great good communication and leadership skills. The board president is responsible for the daily execution of the corporation’s business and therefore, set the agenda and leads all condominium board meetings. During meetings, the president is in charge of maintaining order, proposing questions, calling votes, keeping the discussion on topic, announcing outcomes, etc.

Some essential qualities of a board president include fairness, being a team player, collaboration, and being able to delegate tasks as well as mediate when disagreements between members may arise.

2) Board Vice President

The president often has a lot on the table, so to help alleviate the responsibility, the vice president will share some of the responsibilities, as ell as take on additional tasks and serve over the duties of the president during his/her absence. The VP helps keep the flow of business moving efficiently, maintains order during certain procedures, and acts as a knowledgeable source when it comes to the rules of the association.

The vice president should be someone with good time management skills, flexible, and organized since their role is the most susceptible to looking different as they take on various projects.

3) Board Secretary

The board of directors of an association is tasked with creating and communicating a vision for the community. In this case, there could be a meeting centered on the safety of the residents and perhaps the board will talk about which hurricane-proof windows, condominiums, and high-rise windows and doors manufacturer they should work with. Important opinions and decisions will be communicated during the meeting, all of which should be recorded by the secretary. Their role is therefore, to record all of the actions of the board and keep accurate minutes that can be referenced later. Minutes of a condominium corporation are public documents that can be made available to those who need them for various purposes, including real estate transactions, insurance, and legal reasons.

Essential qualities to look for in a secretary are someone that is organized, detailed-oriented, responsible, a great listener, and concerned with both accuracy and consistency to ensure that all minutes are correct.

4) Board Treasurer

The effectiveness of the board depends hugely on the effectiveness of the budget, which is why the treasurer is so important. The person in this role will be the keeper of financial records, ensuring they are accurate and thorough. The treasurer will provide regular reports of income and expenses as well as an annual report to all members. In some cases, the treasurer is also the primary check signer for community payables and can authorize any disbursement of funds.

Key assets of a great condo association treasurer include an understanding of accounting practices, and experience to interpret a financial statement and convey the information in it with confidence.

When it comes to forming the board of members of a condo association, it is important to understand the value and necessity of strong board alignment. There are many crucial decisions that come out of board meetings, as well as solutions to important issues. Therefore, understanding the roles each members plays will benefit the community. At EGS International we have been working with Condo Associations replacing hurricane-proof windows, condominiums, and high-rise windows and doors for more than 25 years. Our experience dealing with them have made us understand why each member should understand their role, in order to properly act it out. For questions, contact us to learn more.