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4 Benefits of Investing in Impact Glass Doors and Windows for Your Commercial Property

Whether you’re the head of a condo association, a real estate developer, or the leader of a large-scale contracting company in Florida, you understand that your property is subjected to various weather conditions. This includes salt corrosion, hot weather, tornadoes, hurricanes, and more. When it comes time to start a new construction project or upgrade an existing commercial property or development, you should consider getting impact glass doors and windows installed. Here are just four important benefits of this investment.

1. Keep Storms at Bay

The most obvious benefit of hurricane and tornado-resistant windows and doors is that they can protect your property and anyone inside it from the storms raging outside. If a window shatters during a storm or other weather event, water could quickly pour into the property. Debris will also be able to strike inside. Further, once a building or development is damaged, it may be more likely to lose power, catch on fire, or suffer other issues.

2. Ward Off Other Threats

Storms aren’t the only thing folks have to worry about. It’s possible that criminals could target a house or other property, for example. Breaking through tornado-resistant windows and doors is extremely difficult, and many would-be crooks will simply have to give up. Further, since breaking in will be more difficult, it will buy time for emergency responders to arrive.

3. Enjoy Quiet and Privacy

While impact glass doors and windows aren’t designed specifically to improve sound insulation, they are still quite effective at reducing the amount of sound going in and out. While someone is inside the property, they may enjoy a more quiet atmosphere. At the same time, if anyone outside is trying to eavesdrop, they’ll struggle to catch sounds coming from inside.

4. Increase the Property’s Value

The day may come when you want to sell your commercial property. Potential buyers will often appreciate that you’ve installed impact-resistant doors and windows because they can enjoy the many benefits outlined above. This means you might fetch more when selling, and your property might also leave the market more quickly.

Did you know that hurricanes often cause tornadoes? In 1992, Hurricane Andrew spawned more than 60 tornadoes! Even days after the eye of the storm passes, the risk of more damage remains heightened. If you’re ready to learn more about impact glass doors and windows, feel free to reach out to our team at EGS International today.


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