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How Hurricane Proof Windows and Doors Protect Your Residents

The three biggest threats to any structure that tropical storms present are damaging winds, tidal surges, and torrential rain. Fortunately, hurricane resistant windows and doors are available to protect against high winds and torrential rains. Building far enough away from the coastline will take care of the dangers presented by tidal surges, but you’ll still need protection against the wind and rain. Here’s how hurricane resistant windows and doors can help your rental property.

Prevent External Flooding

External flooding is the single most destructive element of any tropical storm. Hurricanes affect the air for millions of miles and dump more than 2.4 trillion gallons every day that the storm is active, according to FactRetriever. That’s an awful lot of rainfall that could flood into a home if its windows and doors are blown out! Those that are designed and built to resist that kind of damage do a better job of preventing external flooding.

Resist Damage

High winds will shatter common house windows and wreck most types of doors – except those that are designed to resist the worst that tropical storms throw at them. Hurricane resistant windows and doors won’t give in to the natural elements that accompany storms as easily as traditional windows and doors will. Even when struck by flying debris, the windows will not shatter, which is important for protecting the interior and structure against wind damage and water intrusion. Additionally, the doors will not give way so easily, which protects anyone inside the structure as well as the furnishings and belongings that are inside.

Ease Cleanup

When the windows and doors withstand storm damage, there is almost no cleanup to be done inside a home. The lack of broken pieces of glass or damaged doors makes it a lot easier to focus cleanup efforts on the exterior and elsewhere on your property. The easier it is to clean up after a tropical storm, the less its impact is on you and anyone living in your home or one of your rental units. The intact windows and doors also make the unit more secure against vandals and looters after particularly bad hurricanes make landfall and affect your rental property.

You can call or visit us to learn more about hurricane resistant windows and doors and price some for your rental units. Our team at EGS International is happy to help you make your rental properties more secure against storms and more.


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